Grant Morrison's Doctor Who was a reprint comic book published in the United States by IDW Publishing beginning on October 2008. The comics were colourised by Charlie Kirchoff.

The two-issue mini-series reprinted three stories by Grant Morrison from Doctor Who Magazine. These were The World Shapers and Changes starring the Sixth Doctor and Culture Shock! starring the Seventh Doctor, now in colour and with new covers from Doctor Who Magazine. IDW published the series during an interval in publishing its other reprint series Doctor Who Classics.

The first issue was published with two variant covers: a standard cover showing the Seventh Doctor sitting in a chair beneath portraits of the Sixth Doctor, Frobisher, and the shape-shifting alien from Changes; and a "retro incentive" variant that featured an Andy Warhol-like montage of images of the Sixth Doctor and Frobisher.

The second issue was published with two different covers as well: a standard cover showing the Sixth Doctor, an aged Jamie McCrimmon and Frobisher, and a variant cover based upon a panel from The World Shapers featuring the Doctor, and Peri Brown.

All three stories were collected in the graphic novel Doctor Who Classics Volume 3 with stories reprinted as part of the Doctor Who Classics run.

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