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Grant was a man who gained "superpowers" and went under the alias of the Ghost, acting as a superhero. Grant gained his powers by accident as a child, due to mistaking the Hazandra for medicine.

For 20 years he kept the promise to not use his powers, until the Doctor could return.

Eight years after defeating Harmony Shoal, the Twelfth Doctor returned and took Grant and his family on as companions in an adventure to find the sisters to the crystal inside Grant.


Meeting the Doctor[]

Grant met the Twelfth Doctor as a child, when the Time Lord accidentally fell into his own trap to prevent temporal paradoxes in New York. Initially mistaking him for Santa Claus, Grant was corrected; due to his love of comic books, he dubbed the stranger "Doctor Mysterio". He was given the Hazandra, a small gem, and led to the roof, where the Doctor explained he was trying to straighten out the paradoxes he caused. When the Doctor asked for the gem to power his device, Grant revealed that he ate it, having mistook it for medicine for his cold; at that moment, the Doctor revealed that it granted wishes and Grant got his superpowers. The Doctor made him promise not to use his powers until he returned.

Teenage years[]

In his high school days, he fell in love with Lucy Fletcher, but was not able to confess his feelings for her. Puberty caused frequent instabilities, including one occasion where he was unable to turn off his X-ray vision and saw naked people everywhere. He would also levitate without meaning to do so. During this period, the Doctor kept an eye on him.

Becoming "the Ghost"[]

Years later, Grant broke his promise by taking on the superhero identity of the Ghost, taking the name from the nickname of the source of his powers, "the Ghost of Love and Wishes". Being the Ghost led him into a confrontation with Harmony Shoal, which planned to takeover the world by replacing the brains of world leaders with aliens. During this adventure, Grant reunited with the Doctor and revealed his true identity to Lucy, who had become a reporter covering his exploits as the Ghost. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

In early 2017, having set up the Vault under St Luke's University, the Doctor asked Grant to help in defeating Missy, leading to her imprisonment. (COMIC: Missy Loves Ghostie) According to a different account, her imprisonment was willing and started many years prior. (TV: Extremis)

Grant meets the Doctor again. (COMIC: Ghost Stories)

Grant and Lucy got married. Grant didn't stay away from being "the Ghost" for long. As his step-daughter grew up, "bank robberies and all that flying off midsentence" were "commonplace". (COMIC: Ghost Stories)

Travels with the Doctor[]

On the 26 December eight years after the Harmony Shoal incident, Grant re-encountered the Twelfth Doctor while stopping a robbery at the City National Bank. The Doctor wanted Grant's help in finding the other three crystals like the one inside Grant. Grant refused to go with the Doctor unless he could bring his family, so Lucy and Jennifer came along on the quest.

After retrieving the three other crystals, the Doctor revealed to Grant that all four stones were required to save the universe from the impending dark energy. Grant willingly gave up the stone within him and the universe was saved. Later, the Doctor made Grant aware of the fact that the stone had already combined and updated his DNA, and that he didn't require the stone to perform his powers, leaving his life the same as before. (COMIC: Ghost Stories)


Ingestion of the Hazandra, combined with his love of comic books, gave Grant numerous superpowers. He was capable of flight and levitation, able to travel through the air at high speeds, including the vacuum of space. He also had superhuman strength, and was able to stop the Shoal spaceship from crashing into New York City with just his non-dominant right hand. Grant possessed super-hearing which the Doctor utilised to communicate to him via frequencies no other person on Earth could hear. X-ray vision allowed Grant to see through solid objects, including clothing. He was also pyrokinetic, able to light a candle with a snap of his fingers. He also snapped his fingers to break a window that, which according to Mr. Brock, "were built to withstand blasts equivalent to four nuclear explosions", all. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio) The reason the Hazandra never left his body was due to him not wanting to give up his powers, but when he did he was able to remove it. However, the Doctor revealed that it had bonded with his DNA, and Grant still possessed his powers even without the Hazandra. (COMIC: Ghost Stories)

Behind the scenes[]

Promotional material for The Return of Doctor Mysterio identified this character as "Grant Gordon" — an alliterative name similar to the real names of other superheroes, like Peter Parker, Brian Braddock and Reed Richards — but this surname has not appeared in an in-universe source as of 2020.

When Grant presents himself as the Ghost he removes his thick-rimmed glasses, and keeps them on when not in costume in order to maintain his disguise. This is done in homage to Clark Kent, the alter-ego of the fictional superhero Superman, the main character in the comic book series of the same name. Early in the episode, we see that Grant was a childhood fan of Superman comics.

Doctor Who: Legacy[]

Two playable characters in the Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game are based on Grant: one on Grant as a young boy played by Logan Hoffman and the other on the adult Grant played by Justin Chatwin.

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