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Mr Grange, nicknamed "Ghastly Grange" by his students, was a geography teacher at Coal Hill School. In March 1963, Susan Foreman was in his form. According to Susan, he took a dislike to her as soon as she arrived at the school.

Grange had hair coming out of his ears. Gillian Roberts made a snowman with twigs coming out of the sides of its head, and said that it "had hair growing out of his ears. Just like Ghastly Grange." That afternoon, Susan accidentally called Mr Grange "Ghastly" to his face, and was punished with lines: she had to write "I will show respect at all times to the teachers of Coal Hill School" a hundred and fifty times.

On another occasion, Grange administered corporal punishment ("the Strap") to Gillian for slamming the lid of a school desk. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

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