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Gramm was a Cyberman from the planet Mondas who was sent on a mission to find Earth.


Gramm and another Cyberman called Bremm were sent in a scout craft to find Earth, the lost binary twin of Mondas. They were the first Cybermen to succeed in this task. Their craft crash-landed in the mountains of Austria around 1873, badly damaging both Cybermen.

They were found by a forester who sold them to Dr Johan Drossel. After Bremm was stolen by Alfred Stahlbaum, Gramm thought that Bremm died.

For a time, Gramm pretended to serve Drossel, making walking and talking wooden puppets for him. Not suspecting a higher intelligence or even ability to speak, Drossel called Gramm his dog and treated him accordingly. However, when Gramm learned from the Eighth Doctor's companion Mary Shelley that Bremm was still alive, he immediately left Drossel and managed to rescue Bremm from Stahlbaum on 12 September 1873.

As if thanking Mary for her help in finding Bremm, Gramm kidnapped her. Mary suggested a way to repair their damage using Galvanic lightning. To achieve that, Gramm carried Bremm to the top of Stephansdom, the highest building in Vienna.

The plan successfully restored Gramm to "eight-seven" percent capability, but Bremm was still too damaged to function properly. By Bremm's suggestion, Gramm took Bremm's neural generation unit and arm, terminating Bremm in the process. Bremm's memories were also transferred to Gramm. The Eighth Doctor described it as Bremm becoming a part of Gramm.

To notify Cyber-Control on Mondas about Earth's location, Gramm planned to adapt the neural generation unit into a transmitter and use the Doctor's sonic screwdriver as the power source. Using Mary once again, Gramm found the Doctor a prisoner of Johan Drossel in Marionettenburg. The Cyberman easily took over the control of the puppets from Drossel. However, Gramm's plans were foiled when first Mary broke the sonic screwdriver eliminating the power source and then Drossel rebelled against his former servant killing them both.

Physical appearance[]

After the crash, Gramm lost both of his legs and took Bremm's left arm. The Eighth Doctor believed that his legs had been cut off by Drossel to prevent an escape, but Drossel himself claimed that this had been the result of the crash. Using his three arms, Gramm could move quite quickly in a scuttling manner. After removing Bremm's remaining Cyberman arm, Gramm had four arms, making him walk like a dog.


To return the second Cyberman, Drossel ordered Gramm to murder two of Stahlbaum's patrons Dieter Wallmann and Leopold Krauss. Following similar orders, Gramm first attacked and eventually murdered Count Rolf Wittenmeier. Drossel believed that murder was in Gramm's very nature.

Due to Drossel's belief that puppets need real human eyes to have "souls", Gramm often gouged eyes of his victims, prompting newspaper headlines about "the eyeless murders on the Ringstrasse". Gramm also obtained eyes by digging graves on cemeteries pointed out by Drossel.

Gramm's puppets[]

The wooden puppets made by Gramm for Drossel's Marionettenburg contained Cyber-Technology, which was a great cause of concern for the Doctor. Some of the puppets were modelled on real people and could speak simple sentences with their voices. These wooden copies were hard to distinguish from the originals, especially if given the eyes of their prototype. Some puppets were themselves capable of producing more puppets. After Gramm was destroyed by Drossel, the Doctor made sure to burn all the puppets, eliminating all anachronistic Cyber-Technology. Gramm also made two wooden horses that could drive a cab without a driver. These horses were given blue human eyes.

Mission to find Earth[]

The impact of the crash caused both Gramm and his crewmate to believe they were on Mondas instead of Earth. Only when Gramm learned the truth from Mary, did he attempt to contact Cyber-Control and complete the mission, but ultimately failed. (AUDIO: The Silver Turk)