Graham Winslet was an archivist at a secret UNIT facility known as the Warehouse.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Working with scientific researcher Dr. Sally Arnold and her assistant Janice, Winslet had rediscovered a Nestene pod placed in storage many years earlier, along with crates marked "Auton". Unaware of the dangers involved, Dr Arnold had tried to activate the fragment and was unsuccessful until she exposed it to deep-space transmissions. Re-establishing contact with the Nestene Consciousness, the creature killed Janice before escaping. The building was placed under quarantine and searched by UNIT operatives led by Lockwood, Daniel Matthews and Sergeant Ramsay. The unfortunate Winslet was confronted by the Nestene creature and his mind was destroyed when it replicated his form to spy on the others. Arnold helped the team find a hidden room containing more Nestene pods and Doctor John Smith's UHF transmitter from a previous encounter. However, though the transmitter was useful in destroying the original pod which had taken Winslet's form, unsealing the doors allowed the reactivation of a second pod and of the Autons still held in the warehouse. The second pod escaped through an air vent and evaded capture for two more years. (HOMEVID: Auton)

Making its way to Sentinel Island, the escaped pod re-energised and again took on the appearance of Winslet — this time masquerading as a vicar. It took over the island community to revive ancient Nestene creatures buried beneath the Earth's surface. A UNIT force headed by Lockwood, Ramsey and Natasha Alexander defeated the Autons again, but Lockwood absorbed the energy from the giant Nestene creature. (HOMEVID: Auton 2: Sentinel)

The real Winslet was confined to a psychiatric hospital in Millhampton after his encounter with the Nestenes. There, he remained in a coma for six months before he revived. His mind never recovered. The Autons found Winslet and created another duplicate of him to direct their operations in Millhampton. With the help of Arnold and Ramsay, the real Winslet escaped and challenged his Auton duplicate as he tortured Lockwood. Though he was killed, he provided a distraction for Lockwood, letting him end his life and break the Nestene's control over him. (HOMEVID: Auton 3: Awakening)

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