Graham O'Brien was a companion of the Thirteenth Doctor. He lived in Sheffield with his wife Grace and her grandson Ryan Sinclair.

Following the death of his wife, Graham chose to travel with the Doctor as a way of coping with his grief, rather than allowing it to consume him in a house filled with the memories she left behind. As part of Team TARDIS, Graham often served as a voice of common sense from the older era, while doubling as a proxy for the Doctor in times where women were not respected.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Graham was originally from Essex. (TV: The Witchfinders, PROSE: The Good Doctor) When he was a young boy, Graham attended Sunday School in Chingford. (PROSE: The Good Doctor)

As a child, Graham sometimes spent summer holidays at Margate and Whitstable. (PROSE: The Good Doctor)

After his mother passed away, Graham's father "got rid of all her things super quick", unable to keep hold of them, telling Graham that "she's gone now and that's the end of it". (TV: Resolution)

Graham worked as a bus driver, and still had some friends who worked as bus drivers after he had retired. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

Marriage with Grace Edit

Graham developed cancer and met his wife Grace, a chemo nurse while undergoing treatment. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) When he told Grace he was a bus driver, she remarked that he ought not to be like James Blake, who she called "Blake the snake." He learned of her appreciation of Rosa Parks and that she owned a t-shirt that said "The Spirit of Rosa". (TV: Rosa) Once the cancer was found to be in remission, Graham married her and had become her second husband by 2015. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

Meeting the Doctor Edit

Whilst returning home after an unsuccessful session of teaching Ryan how to ride a bike, Grace and Graham were trapped when a swarm of Gathering coils attacked their train in search of Karl Wright, a fellow passenger. He, along with Grace, Ryan and Yasmin Khan, helped the Thirteenth Doctor battle both the coil and its controller, Tim Shaw.

Whilst the Doctor recovered at his and Grace's home, he went around Sheffield to ask if anyone had seen anything unusual. Later, Grace and Graham followed the Doctor's orders to pose as construction managers and evacuate the construction site Karl worked at, so the Doctor, Ryan and Yasmin could rescue him.

However, the gathering coils were still active, with Tim Shaw using them to damage the crane that Ryan and the others were on. Despite Graham's protests, Grace climbed up and destroyed the creature by electrocuting it with live cables. However, Grace was also electrocuted in the process and fell to the ground. Mortally wounded, she died in Graham's arms, after telling him to not be afraid without her. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) After she died, Graham organised her things into boxes, finding the childhood possessions of her son, Aaron, as he did. (TV: Resolution)

At Grace's funeral, Graham spoke of how Grace inspired him during their three-year marriage and felt guilty that he hadn't died instead. Sometime after the funeral, Graham helped the Doctor construct a teleporter to take her to her TARDIS. Though he meant to stay behind, he, along with Yasmin and Ryan, were accidentally brought along with her. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

Believing the pair to be bonuses in the Rally of the Twelve Galaxies, Angstrom scooped Ryan and Graham out of deep space and transported them aboard her ship.

Graham runs from Cerebos (TGM)

Graham runs from the crashing Cerebos. (TV: The Ghost Monument)

On Desolation, he found Yasmin and the Doctor, who had been similarly saved by Epzo, Angstrom's rival in what would become the final stage of the rally. The rivals, with the Doctor and her friends in tow, were tasked by Ilin, master of the rally, to race across the planet; the first to reach the finish line at the Ghost Monument would win 3.2 million krin and salvation from planet's hostile surface. The Doctor discovered that the Ghost Monument was, in fact, her TARDIS, phasing in and out of reality. After the Doctor stabilised the TARDIS, Graham entered it for the first time and the Doctor attempted to take him, Ryan and Yaz home. (TV: The Ghost Monument)

Trying to return home Edit

The TARDIS deposited the Doctor and her companions in 1955 Montgomery, Alabama instead of returning them to Sheffield due to large traces of Artron energy. Graham was initially excited about his first journey back in history and expressed a desire to see Elvis Presley playing.

As the only other white member of the group aside from the Doctor, Graham was treated far better than Ryan or Yaz. He defended them from the racism inflicted on them, even coming to Ryan's aid when Mr Steele slapped him for returning a glove to his wife Lizzie.

Graham worked to help ensure Rosa Parks began the Montgomery Bus Boycott, using his knowledge of bus drivers to help. He and Ryan encouraged James Blake to leave his fishing spot on his day off after spreading a rumour of a black boycott.

Due to Krasko's interference, a distressed Graham was forced to take part in Parks's famous moment of defiance by ensuring the bus was crowded enough for Parks to be asked to give up her seat. Graham ultimately became the passenger that Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up to, sparking the boycott. The Doctor later showed her companions a history of Rosa's life and how she would go on to have a lasting impact on the history of the universe by taking them to Asteroid 284996, Rosaparks. (TV: Rosa)

Upon returning home, Graham declined to have tea at Yaz's with Ryan and the Doctor. Instead he returned home, where he imagined Grace was still alive telling him to fix things around the house like she asked. Grieving, he began smelling her clothes despite his vision of Grace telling him it didn't help. Hearing a noise upstairs, he went to investigate, finding an abnormally large spider. Fleeing back to Yaz's, he informed Ryan and the Doctor of what he saw. He joined them to investigate further, giving Ryan a letter from his father he found at home; though Ryan took it, he dismissed reading it right away. After the giant spiders had been dealt with, Graham decided to join the Doctor in the TARDIS as he didn't want to just stay in his house and dwell on his grief. (TV: Arachnids in the UK)

Team TARDIS Edit

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This section is missing details from TV: The Tsuranga Conundrum to, crucially, The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos and Resolution.

Graham and Team TARDIS travelled to the planet Gatan, arriving in the City of Radiant Stone in the midst of war. Graham accompanied Ryan on the roofs to see why the city was under attack when they noticed "a flying robot lady" called Sandola Dell flying past. They later witnessed the battle between the destroyers of the city - Tumat and Kraytos - as Sandola reported on it, and upon being spotted, Sandola teleported them to her headquarters at The Freedom Thoughtcasting Network. Graham attempted to phone the Doctor, and briefly reunited with her when she was teleported on board as well. With Sandola locking him and Ryan in a disused dressing room, the two learnt of her struggles at work and convinced her to take some time off, leaving the two alone. Learning they were in the room belonging to two actors who played Tumat and Kraytos for promotions, they used the powerful suits to break out and rescue the Doctor from being attacked by Berakka Dogbolter. They eventually used the suits to trick the real warriors onto a teleport pad where the Doctor fused them into one being, thereby ending the war. (COMIC: The Warmonger)

After helping the Doctor halt a war on the planet Lobos between the dog-like loba and human colonists, shortly before leaving in the TARDIS, Graham finally told the joke he had been itching to use about loba being human's best friend. When they attempted to return - to retrieve Ryan's mobile phone - the TARDIS slipped almost six hundred years into the future, where the planet was now ruled by human zealots, served by slave loba, who derived human superiority over loba from this one joke. Graham was now worshipped as "the Good Doctor" while the real Doctor was forgotten. While agreeing this had to be fixed, Graham felt uneasy as the man in charge whose word was everyone's command but did surprisingly well. Eventually, his intolerance of racism and misogyny caused High Priest Mykados of the Temple of Tordos to denounce him and his friends as charlatans. In the end, the Doctor succeeded in uncovering the lie of the zealots, setting the record straight and brokering a lasting peace between humans and loba. The locals commemorated Graham by naming a bay after him. (PROSE: The Good Doctor)

The Doctor and her team were tasked with preventing the Genesis Seed stored in the secret Vault 13 within the Galactic Seed Vault from falling into the hands of Nightshade. (PROSE: The Secret in Vault 13)

Graham and Ryan came up with the suggestion of giving Yasmin a cake, balloons and candles for her birthday. (PROSE: Dr. Thirteenth)

Psychological profile Edit

History traps Graham (Rosa)

Graham realises that he is the reason why Rosa Parks must move from her seat. (TV: Rosa)

Personality Edit

Graham believed if you wanted to know something, you just had to ask a bus driver. He was also wary about rushing into danger. (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth)

He seemed upset and hurt that Ryan refused to call him "granddad". (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth, The Ghost Monument) However, he was elated when Ryan finally referred to him as such. (TV: It Takes You Away)

Compassionate and against racism, Graham was greatly distressed by his inability to help Rosa Parks from her destined arrest in 1955, not wanting to be party to such an act. Previously, he fiercely defended Ryan when he was threatened by a white man, openly calling Ryan his grandson. (TV: Rosa) He was equally against sexism, often having to work at the Doctor's proxy in intolerant societies. (PROSE: The Good Doctor, TV: The Witchfinders)

After Grace's death, Graham grieved by talking about her, viewing it better to talk than stay silent as Ryan preferred. (TV: The Ghost Monument) Despite his peaceful demeanour, Graham occasionally grew angry at Ryan for his apathy to Grace's killer and even advocated firearms when consumed by rage, (TV: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos) even though he usually displayed contempt for them. (TV: Arachnids in the UK)

Graham grief

Graham confronts the home he once shared with Grace. (TV: Arachnids in the UK)

Struggling to move on from losing her, Graham believed he could find solace by travelling with the Doctor rather than waiting for his grief to consume him while surrounded by memories of Grace in their home. (TV: Arachnids in the UK) By the time he met the Solitract's version of her, Graham had come to terms with her passing, knowing Ryan still needed him. (TV: It Takes You Away) Graham was so distraught with losing Grace that he resolved to kill Tzim-Sha, nearly allowing his emotions to overcome him when facing the Stenza. However, when finally given the chance to kill him, Graham chose not to, desiring to be "the better man" as he believed Grace would have wanted. (TV: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos)

Graham often said wisecracks whenever faced with the Doctor's eccentricities or dangerous situations. Notably, he quoted Quentin Tarantino to King James I as if it were an actual line of scripture. (TV: The Witchfinders)

Habits and quirks Edit

While first skeptical of the Thirteenth Doctor's title as the Doctor, (TV: The Woman Who Fell to Earth) Graham grew to use the name, though commonly chose to refer to her informally as "Doc" instead. (TV: Rosa, Arachnids in the UK, The Tsuranga Conundrum, Demons of the Punjab, Kerblam!, The Witchfinders, It Takes You Away, The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos)

Graham became grumpy when his blood sugar was low. (TV: It Takes You Away) Because the Doctor often did not permit snack breaks during adventures, (TV: Rosa) Graham always made sure to have a sandwich with him when he left the TARDIS. (TV: It Takes You Away)

When he and Ryan did something successful together, Graham raised his hand for a fist bump only for Ryan to reject as it was "uncool". (TV: Rosa, The Tsuranga Conundrum) Although, to Graham's surprise, Ryan eventually returned the gesture. (TV: The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos)

Behind the scenes Edit