Graham Norton was a celebrity on Earth. While the Eleventh Doctor was trying to drop off Dermot O'Leary at the National Television Awards in 2011, he accidentally overshot by a year. They saw Graham on the viewscreen. He was preparing to present the news, but was confused by the sudden arrival of the TARDIS in his studio. (NOTVALID: Dermot and the Doctor)

He later regenerated into the Tenth Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor for no apparent reason. (NOTVALID: Norton's Regeneration)

He later met the Twelfth Doctor at Sprout Boy's BBC Christmas party. (NOTVALID: Sprout Boy meets a Galaxy of Stars)

He was later contacted at the same time as the Twelfth Doctor when Eddie Redmayne was in search of Pudsey. (NOTVALID: Looking for Pudsey)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Although Graham says he is presenting the news in the NTA sketch, he is actually on the set of his own show.

Accidental appearances Edit


The controversial cartoon

  • Norton has appeared twice accidentally in Doctor Who:
    • A mistake during the first broadcast of Rose in the UK meant that sound from a BBC Three program, Strictly Dance Fever, hosted by Graham Norton, was heard over the scene in which Rose first encounters the Autons.
    • During its airing in some parts of England, an animated advert for the talent show Over the Rainbow began playing over the cliffhanger of The Time of Angels. This sparked complaints to the BBC, who later apologised. The advert contained an animated Graham Norton, who later joked about it on his own show – saying he finally secured a role on Doctor Who, apparently unaware of his previous, accidental interruption. Norton then played a version of the cartoon banner, with a Dalek exterminating his cartoon self; coincidentally, the same show also featured an appearance by Karen Gillan and they spoke further about the error.
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