Goulsten Street was a street in the Greater London area. On 30 September 1888, Mac'atyde left a message on a wall to incriminate the Ju'wes race for the Jack the Ripper murders. A Metropolitan Police Service officer on patrol discovered it at 3 am above a bloody piece of Catherine Eddowes's apron. The City of London Police entered the scene hoping it would provide evidence on the City of London murder.

At 4 am, Mac'atyde was watching the police waiting at the scene until it was light enough to photograph within an hour or so. The Eleventh Doctor told Frederick Abberline it confirmed his suspicions that the culprit was Ju'wes or had reason to make people think he was. The Ju'wes "Sir Charles Warren" ordered it removed under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police Service against City of London Chief Inspector Smith's protests. Smith thought this was to protect the Freemasons. Officially, it was to prevent a riot against the Jews (COMIC: Ripper's Curse) who some people thought were responsible for the murders. (PROSE: Matrix)

The Seventh Doctor told William Blake that the police's idea that the Ripper was a member of the Freemasons came from a message scrawled on a wall. He believed it was actually written over one of the victims. (PROSE: The Pit)

The JuwEs ArE NOT The MeN ThT WiLL BE BLAMED For NOThINGMac'atyde's message. [src]

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Goulston Street is misspelt in Ripper's Curse. It is referenced but not named in The Pit.
  • The original message was actually written in cursive leading to a hypothesis that "Juwes" was actually "juives". Juives and Ju'wes are virtually indistinguishable in cursive.
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