Goulash was a dish which originated in the country of Hapsburgs, (AUDIO: Urban Myths) who ruled over Austria. (PROSE: Managra)

It was popular throughout Mutter's Spiral, and Harom of the Celestial Intervention Agency was particularly fond of the dish. (AUDIO: Urban Myths)

Clyde Langer joked he'd tell his mother he, Sarah Jane Smith and Rani Chandra had goulash the night they visited Ashen Hill Manor when it was proposed he phone her. (TV: The Eternity Trap)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The origins of goulash are not stated in Urban Myths directly. Rather it is stated by a Celestial Intervention Agency member that the restaurant from the story is in the part of planet Earth where goulash originated. Later the Fifth Doctor states that this area used to be ruled by Hapsburgs. While in the real world, the Hapsburgs ruled over multiple modern countries, including Hungary, where goulash was invented in the real world, only Austria and Vienna have been firmly recognised as Hapsburg places in the Doctor Who universe.

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