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Goth's TARDIS was the TARDIS which was originally assigned to Chancellor Goth. It was stolen by the Decayed Master after Goth found him on Tersurus, and used by the Master to escape from Gallifrey, becoming one of the many TARDISes used by the Master over the years. It was of a more advanced model than the Doctor's TARDIS and, like the Master's previous TARDIS, had a functional chameleon circuit. Much like the first, this new TARDIS ultimately rebelled against the Master's cruel ways, and attempted to travel the universe on its own, taking the name of "Mark".


Theft from Goth[]

After Susan accidentally left the Master's first TARDIS's defences down for a few moments in the course of wrestling control of it away from the Master, the Time Lords were notified of its detection on Tersurus. Feeling that he needed to get away from the Capitol for a little while to clear his spirits, Goth told Castellan Spandrell to "have a capsule prepare" for him so that he could take care of the matter, which he expected to be purely routine, himself. Instead, he found the Master in his new, decayed form. The dying Master persuaded Goth to help him return to Gallifrey in his TARDIS. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors )

After their shared scheme to get Goth in power, have the Fourth Doctor executed, and acquire new regenerations for the Master using the Eye of Harmony went awry, resulting in the death of Goth, the Master took ownership of the TARDIS, which had taken the form of a grandfather clock. Engin and Spandrell witnessed the Master escaping Gallifrey on the Doctor's heels in this TARDIS. (TV: The Deadly Assassin)

Use by the decayed Master[]

The Master tricks Tremas using his disguised TARDIS. (TV: The Keeper of Traken)

Although he acquired a new, more advanced model of TARDIS, the Decayed Master kept his previous TARDIS, still in the form of a grandfather clock, with him during his activities on Traken. After the Fourth Doctor foiled his scheme and caused the destruction of the new TARDIS, the Master escaped death by hiding inside the clock TARDIS, which he later materialised in an inconspicuous location. After the Doctor left Traken, Tremas noticed the unfamiliar clock and walked closer to it.

As soon as he was within range, a force compelled him to touch the closs-face, upon which he found himself frozen. Stepping out of the TARDIS, the Master used the lingering abilities he'd gotten from the Source of Traken to merge with Tremas, stealing his body so as to destroy Tremas's mind and revive himself in a new form resembling a younger Tremas. (TV: The Keeper of Traken)

Use by the "Tremas" Master[]

The new Master departed Traken in his TARDIS (TV: The Keeper of Traken) and, having read the Doctor's mind to guess his next destination, materialised on Earth. Through fine control of the TARDIS's chameleon circuit, he made it take a form identical to the Doctor's TARDIS's police box appearance. This caused a dimensional loop to form when the Doctor's TARDIS materialised with the same disguise in the same place; in each control room was a police box opening into another control room, and so on and so forth for several (though not infinite) layers of recursion. (TV: Logopolis)

The TARDIS disguising itself to fit the nearby architecture on Sarn. (TV: Planet of Fire)

After tampering with the Doctor's ship's TARDIS information system to plant false information about Castrovalva, (TV: Castrovalva) the Master left for the Doctor's own next destination, Logopolis, where the TARDIS first took the appearance of a potted bush before switching it for that of the marble column look (TV: Logopolis) earlier adopted by the Master's first TARDIS. (COMIC: The One) Still a column, it was connected to the Pharos Project's emitter on Earth as part of the Master and the Doctor's shared effort to stall the entropy wave. (TV: Logopolis)

After his failure in the Death Zone, the Master (TV: The Five Doctors) was punished by the Time Lords, who took away his physical form, banishing his now-formless being to a deserted planet with no means of escape. However, loyal to her Master, the grandfather clock managed to locate him, and appeared before him in the middle of the forest after the Master had been imprisoned for a long time. She allowed him to escape and helped him generate a Watcher-like psychic emanation which he could use as an avatar until he regained a physical form. Eventually, he did, using a ritual to steal regeneration energy from his own past incarnations and regenerating himself back into a form identical to Tremas's. (PROSE: The Velvet Dark)

The TARDIS was piloted to Sarn by the Master, where it once more adopted the appearance of a column, although now made of smooth, dark-gray stone rather than pleated white marble. After the Master's apparent death on Sarn, (TV: Planet of Fire) the Celestial Intervention Agency believed that his TARDIS had remained abandoned on Sarn. (PROSE: CIA File Extracts) However, the Master actually survived (TV: The Mark of the Rani) and retained the use of his TARDIS. (TV: The Ultimate Foe)

Later uses[]

According to one account, before getting himself executed by the Daleks as part of his plot to steal the Doctor's body and remaining regenerations, the Master told his TARDIS to go wait for him in the Time Vortex before beaming himself to Skaro. (PROSE: The Eight Doctors) According to another account, however, the Master was apprehended in the Valley of the Kings by the Daleks, and his TARDIS remained there until it was found by UNIT in the form of the grandfather clock.

They stored it in the Vault, as, eventually, they did the Decayed Master himself, now reverted to his earlier decayed form by the stress of passing through the Eye of Harmony. Although they were kept away from one another, the TARDIS was able to send life force to the nearly-dead Master, allowing him to awaken for a few hours between long periods of deathllike hibernation. This would be signaled by the grandfather clock's bell ringing. Eventually, the Master cheated his way out of his cell and made it back to his TARDIS, aboard which he escaped the Vault. (AUDIO: Mastermind)

Use by the reborn Master[]

The TARDIS disguised as the Doctor's TARDIS once again. (AUDIO: Dominion)

Although, in the events leading up to his final death on Parrak, the Decayed Master used a seemingly different TARDIS which was accidentlly destroyed by his past self, (AUDIO: Planet of Dust, Day of the Master) Goth's TARDIS was still in the possession of the Master in his newt regeneration. Needing to return to Tersurus for information on the Dimensioneers, the "reborn" Master used its identification to pass through the transduction barrier . Afterwards, he once again disguised it as a police box to mimic the Doctor's TARDIS, so as to fool UNIT (and even the Seventh Doctor himself) into thinking he was a future incarnation of the Doctor. As part of the ruse, the Master hinted he had upgraded from a Type 40 to a more advanced model, surprising the Doctor. (AUDIO: Dominion)

During the Time War[]

In one possible timeline within the Last Great Time War, the Master recovered his original Type 45 TARDIS and experimented on her in an effort to break the time lock. (COMIC: Running to Stay Still) However, this timeline was negated when the post-War version of this TARDIS was sent back to an earlier point of the War and the young Master attempted to steal it. As the Master regenerated into a new incarnation due to the stress of the paradox, its swirling energies caused the Type 45 TARDIS to catch fire both inside and outside. (COMIC: Fast Asleep)

Subsequently, the War Master returned to using the grandfather-clock TARDIS during the War. (AUDIO: The Broken Clock) While working for the CIA, he remarked that his then current TARDIS could not go on planet Kolstan without fiddling with its security. (AUDIO: Day of the Master) It was upgraded, as an experimental procedure, into a Mark 212. (AUDIO: The Broken Clock)

After deciding to become human via the use of a Chameleon Arch upon seeing the Dalek Emperor taking control of the Cruciform, the Master set his TARDIS to dematerialise 10 seconds after he exited it, and it went away to some unknown place. (AUDIO: The Heavenly Paradigm)

Breaking free[]

The Mark 212 TARDIS was traumatised by its work for the Master during the War, becoming fully sentient, and eventually ended up in 2014 Manhattan. There it recruited a series of individuals to be its pilot, taking them on journeys across the universe until they died of old age, whereupon it returned them to where it had initially found them. Detective Dick Zodiac began investigating the string of bizarre deaths, eventually tracking down the broken clock that appeared to be the common denominator. He talked with the TARDIS’ avatar, which he nicknamed "Mark", and agreed to be its new pilot.

Dick’s investigation was being manipulated by Missy, one of the Master's post-War incarnations, who boarded the TARDIS with him. Dick’s future self, who had already lived through the outcome of this and was reliving the experience via projections in the TARDIS, interfered and revealed her identity to Mark. Mark attempted to throw itself into a sun to finally be free of the Master, however she found the factory reset and regained control. (AUDIO: The Broken Clock)

Ultimate fate[]

After being reunited with it, Missy ultimately sacrificed this TARDIS to fuel the Eye of Harmony of the new Master TARDIS that she had constructed. (AUDIO: The Belly of the Beast)


While it was under his control, the "grandfather clock" TARDIS was fiercely loyal to the Master, managing to find him and help him even after the Time Lords had stripped him of a physical form and banished him to a deserted planet. In turn, the Master admitted to a certain fondness for "the old clock". (PROSE: The Velvet Dark) However, his experiences in the Last Great Time War traumatised the TARDIS and caused "Mark" to want to seek a new, independent life away from his violent owner. Ironically for a vehicle, Mark himself wished to explore the universe, although he needed a pilot to do so. (AUDIO: The Broken Clock)



This TARDIS often defaulted to the form of a grandfather clock. (PROSE: The Velvet Dark, AUDIO: Mastermind, The Broken Clock) However, it had a functional chameleon circuit. This allowed it to take the appearance of other TARDISes, such as the police box guise of the Doctor's TARDIS (TV: Logopolis, AUDIO: Dominion) or the "marble column" design (TV: Logopolis, Time-Flight) which had been favoured by the Master's Type 45 TARDIS. (COMIC: The One)