Goruda was a drinks company based in Japan during the 21st century. It was headed by Axos and used in their attempted invasion of Earth.

History Edit

It was presumably set up shortly after Axos was sent to Earth by Chiyoko. It launched a drink aimed at children, called "Brain Tonic", which was secretly causing them to be granted telepathy. This was promoted by a cartoon also called "Goruda", which featured a mascot with the same name who told the children to "drink the brain tonic" and "learn together".

The mascot "Goruda" was later used to fight Axos as a diversion from the Doctor's plan. The Doctor transmitted a psychic message to all the children converted into Axons, telling them to try to fight back; they then used their powers to turn part of Axos into a giant Goruda, who then battled Axos. It melted and "died" when the Eleventh Doctor drained Axos' power.

The company most likely shut down after Axos was defeated.

The company's true founders could be seen quite clearly represented in the mascot Goruda: he had golden skin, curly hair and enlarged eyes, all characteristics present in the Axons' more humanoid form. (COMIC: The Golden Ones)

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