Goran Dhampir was a Kosovan Vampire Hunter, illegally smuggled into Essex by the local Chinese gangs to hunt down and kill a vârkolak in the area.

Biography Edit

According to lore given by Dr Hendrik and Goran himself, vârkolaks were invisible vampires which tended to either kill and eat or sexually assault people they found out alone at night. Women who were assaulted by them would give birth to dhampirs who had the natural ability to see the otherwise invisible vârkolaks.

When a vârkolak was smuggled into the South End area by illegal Kosovan immigrants, it massacred most of the Kosovans and many of their former hosts, the Chinese "snake head" gangs. Those gangs brought Goran into England as an illegal immigrant to slay the creature. After being detained by local immigration authorities, Goran and Colonels Chaudhry and Dalton from UNIT hunted the vârkolak down on the seashores of South End.

Unfortunately, the tales of dhampir origins were overused by Kosovan single mothers, rather than admitting the truth to being raped in prisoner camps. Goran was a fraud, and his dramatic efforts at hand-to-hand combat with the invisible vampire were shown to be only a performance. When the real vârkolak showed up minutes later, Goran fled. (AUDIO: Snake Head)

Soon after, he was arrested as the prime suspect for the murders of the vârkolak's victims. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

Behind the scenes Edit

Dhampir was more a title than a family name. Goran's actual family name was not given.

The vârkolak had been talking in Kosovan about "family", implying Golan may have genuinely been a dhampir.

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