Ordnance-Tetrarch Goralschaixianthellipse was a House Xianthellipse soldier of the First Wave. Highlights of Goralschai's military career during the War in Heaven included the Llammas IV campaign, the rout of the Raithaduine cultists, and the Spike. (PROSE: Against Nature)

When Goralschai was an Ordnance-Decurion, he had an encounter with the Enemy. (PROSE: We Are the Enemy) As an Ordnance-Decurion, Goralschai was involved in the Ganda Mnemma campaigns, where he captured Godfather Shuck. Shuck was brought back to the Homeworld to be punished, but Goralschai didn't hand in Shuck's memecore. Sometime after this point, Goralschai was promoted to Ordnance-Tetrarch.

Goralschai once spoke of his military achievements to the childrene of House Meddhoran. (PROSE: Against Nature)

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