Goomba was a "tree god of tremendous power and wiles". He resembled a piece of bamboo.

Originally from another universe, Goomba slipped into N-Space and floating through space for some time. He landing in prehistoric China and planted himself in a forest of bamboo.

Millions of years later, Goomba was made into a wickerwork chair and shipped to a garden centre in Manchester. Peter's family bought the chair as part of a patio set and put it in their backyard. Goomba took possession of Peter's father and began amassing wooden objects. When Peter's father held a garden party, Goomba possessed the guests and began absorbing wood into himself. After a few days, Goomba had gained a large group of followers and a body composed of mostly furniture which as high as a beech. At Goomba's apotheosis, he planned on sacrificing all of his followers so that he could slip back into his home dimension. The Eighth Doctor lit a fire at Goomba's feet, destroying his body and releasing his hold on his followers. (PROSE: The Wickerwork Man)

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