Goodthing was a human colonist of the far future who lived in a colony planet. She had a son called Praiseworthy and carried a medallion containing a hologram of him.

Biography Edit

Goodthing was a member of the United Earth Colonisation Team aboard the colony starship Erehwon.

At some point in the future, an apocalyptic war took place on Earth and the surviving human population was evacuated on spaceships. The crew's mission was to colonize a extrasolar planet in order to create a perfect new world.

Once the ship arrived, Goodthing was among the set-up team who were awoken from stasis in advance in order to deploy swarms of Vardy microbots that constructed the city around the ship. Goodthing was in charge of overseeing the fruit gardens and crops.

One morning, Goodthing discovered her mother had died of natural causes and her family began to grieve. However, she later found that Hopeful, Sunshine, Eliza and several other colonists had been killed by the Vardies because they were displaying grief. She managed to force herself to smile to avoid being killed herself.

Later she called her sister Kezzia, who at the time was overseeing pollination of the wheat fields by Vardies. Goodthing warned her to stay outside the city, but Kezzia didn't listen. Once she returned, Goodthing informed her of the deaths but desperately told her to smile, only for Kezzia to be seized by an Emojibot and ripped apart by a swarm of Vardies. No longer able to conceal her grief, Goodthing fled and tried to hide in the fruit gardens only for an Emojibot to attack her from behind and kill her.

The Twelfth Doctor and Bill later came across her remains, along with the bones of the other colonists who had been turned into fertiliser. (TV: Smile)

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