Goo! was a P.R.O.B.E. video diary released as a download by BBV Productions on their new website in 2021. It was the first such short to only be released as a paying download, rather than have a free YouTube release first.


Giles and Liz investigate a conspiracy behind the global lockdown.


P.R.O.B.E. has received directions from the British government to investigate whether a sinister conspiracy is responsible for lockdowns. Though he finds the government's suspicions to be laughable conspiracy theories, Giles decides to investigate whether any supernatural forces are involved in the pandemic, and finds that one of the Amricans' files on the pandemic is locked even to his high-level access code as P.R.O.B.E. director. He rings up one of his contacts at MI6, Jim, who agrees to investigate discreetly, but goes on to contact Giles again claiming that he started being followed as a result of Giles's call.

After no longer replying to Giles's calls for days on end, Jim abruptly sends him a text message saying simply "Got the virus". Finding the message out-of-character, Giles decides to go to Jim's house on the off-chance, and finds that an alien smell like burning sugar is emanating from his front door, as well as an eerie pink glow. He discovers that Jim had been glued to a kitchen chair in his home by a mysterious pink slime which soon enmeshes him as well, causing him to lose consciousness. He is unexpectedly rescued by Liz Haggard, who has realised that the slime is part of, or under the control of, an alien entity from a parallel universe. The entity explains that the breaches between Ecto-Space and the Earth have been opened by the U.S. government and it's simply trying to repair the cracks using the slime, a kind of cosmic "sticking plaster".

With Control's men admitting their guilt in the matter and begging P.R.O.B.E.'s help to deal with the help they caused, Liz and Giles are called to New York, where they meet Control at his office. He shows them the alien device which they found and misused, resulting in the cracks in reality. Left alone with the device, Giles receives a call from Maxie claiming that the breaches in reality in the U.K. are getting worse than ever. Recognising the type of device from her experience with extraterrestrial technology, she talks Giles through the process of disarming it over the phone. They then return to London, taking the device with them with Control's permission, and by the time of the New Year's celebrations (for which Liz ststicksuck around) Maxie has figured out the object had drifted to their universe from Ecto-Space.





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