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Golems were artificial humanoid lifeforms fashioned as soldiers. Golems were usually made of aluminium silicate clay, though sometimes they were made from gold.

Characteristics Edit

Once given orders, a golem would tirelessly work to that goal even if the order was rescinded by its master.

The Eighth Doctor referred to golems as unthinking killing machines and the best soldiers in the universe, due to their near invulnerability. (AUDIO: The Beast of Orlok)

History Edit

A pair of experimental golems, known as Hans and Greta, crashed in a spacecraft near the town of Orlok on Earth in the early 19th century. Unlike other golems, Hans and Greta were capable of learning and adapting. They also appeared human, appeared to age, and even believed themselves to be human. General Zoff came to retrieve them in 1827.

Golems were outlawed by Article XII of the Galactic Code. (AUDIO: The Beast of Orlok)

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