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The Golden Emperor[1], also known as the Master Brain, (COMIC: City of the Daleks) was an early Emperor of the Dalek Empire. It was slightly shorter than the other Daleks, with a disproportionately large spheroid head section rendered in gold rather than grey. It also had three sense globes on each panel of its base unit unlike other Daleks.

History Edit

Origin Edit

First Dalek Emporer 1

The first mutated Dalek to use a machine casing, as well as the future Dalek Emperor. (COMIC: Genesis of Evil)

According to one source, the Daleks were originally a race of blue humanoid men. One of them, a scientist Yarvelling, created a "machine" as a weapon. After asteroids caused the eruption of neutronic weapons owned by the Daleks, those caught in the blast were mutated.

The only humanoid Dalek survivors of the war, Yarvelling and the warlord Zolfian, emerged from hiding and encountered the machine that Yarvelling had built being occupied by one of the mutants. As they died from radiation poisoning, the agreed to make more machine cases for the mutated Daleks. The original Dalek was built a new casing, made of Flidor gold, quartz and Arkellis flower sap. The first Dalek Emperor was now in command. (COMIC: Genesis of Evil)

Rule Edit

In 2400, the Emperor gave an address at the Great Council Chamber, ordering a Dalek invasion of the solar system. (COMIC: Invasion of the Daleks)

Residing in the Emperor's Quarters, the Emperor gave the order to switch on the revitalising rays. He was unaware that he was being observed by the human Jeff Stone, who was conducting espionage in the Dalek City. (COMIC: City of the Daleks)

Ultimately, the war ended with the Emperor being forced to sue for peace by Earth ambassadors. In a televised ceremony, the Emperor renounced the Dalek dream of conquest and promised that the Daleks would never leave Skaro again. (COMIC: Battle for the Moon)

After two hundred years of peace, a mysterious Mechanical Planet came which threatened both Skaro and Earth. The Emperor landed on Earth and made an offer to eliminate the threat in exchange for the return of confiscated Dalek weaponary, which the humans grudgingly accepted. Ultimately, the Daleks destroyed the Mechanical Planet and, with their weapons and power restored, the Emperor vowed to conquer "all the planets in every sky." (COMIC: The Mechanical Planet)

Having given him a tour of the Dalek City, the Emperor personally interogated Irishman Pat Kelley, who had arrived on Skaro in the spaceship Emerald Isle. Believing him to be a spy, the Emperor ordered all the Dalek inventions and technology, which Kelley had praised, to be screened for flaws. Interpreting Kelley's advisement for the Daleks to grow out their five-leaf clovers as an attempt at sabotage, the Emperor had his ship refitted before sending Kelley back to Earth with the clovers, believing that it would bring Earth to ruin. Little did he realise however, Kelley had infact been playing an elaborate ruse to acquire the clovers all along. (PROSE: The Five-Leaf Clover)

When the Skaro water plant was sabotaged, the Emperor initially believed that human slaves were responsible. Soon after, however, the Daleks caught an alien spy whom the Emperor ordered to be brought to him. The spy proved to be scout for an army of Birdmen that invaded Skaro. Though the invaders were ultimately exterminated, the Emperor lamented that their ability of invisibility, a potential asset to the Daleks, was lost with them. (COMIC: The Invisible Invaders)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Dalek Prime as written by John Peel bears remarkable similarity to the Golden Emperor, both in its backstory as the first-ever Dalek in creation who helped his race grow and then became its first leader, and in its appearance as a Dalek with a large sphere in place of a dome on its casing. Although the Dalek Prime is sometimes construed as an alternative title for the Dalek Emperor, there has, however, been no formal link drawn between the Dalek Prime and the Golden Emperor.

Footnotes Edit

  1. AHistory mistakenly claims that the Dalek Emperor in this form is never referred to in story as Golden Emperor.
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