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A Gold Dalek was first-in-command of the Daleks during the occupation of Earth in 2150. (NOTVALID: Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.)


The Gold Dalek had a casing mostly coloured golden, consisting of the dome section, middle section and lower section. As with all Daleks on Earth, it sported a tall black fender at the bottom of the lower section, two cone-shaped luminosity dischargers which stood atop the dome and flashed when the Dalek spoke, coloured gold like its body, alongside mostly silver accessories; the neck rings which supported its black neck grille, slats across the middle section, middle section bands atop and below the arm sockets, and the eyestalk that connected the eye lens, which appeared as a shining white disc at the face of a black ball, to the dome's pivot, supported by five light blue discs. The left and right arms of the middle section were a gunstick and suction cup manipulator arm respectively. The sense globes in the Gold Dalek's lower section were coloured black. (NOTVALID: Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.)


Aboard the Dalek spaceship, the Gold Dalek ordered the Red Dalek to pursue a van which was ultimately destroyed, not realising that Wyler and Susan had escaped. Soon after, the spaceship landed in Bedfordshire, where human slaves were made to mine to further the Daleks' goal to extract the magnetic core of the Earth, which would allow them to pilot the planet like a giant spaceship; having found a fracture in the Earth's crust, the Daleks intended to drop a explosive device through the fracture, which would cause the metallic core to burst out and plunge towards the Sun, killing all humans in the area.

Ultimately, the Black Dalek reported that the Earth's outer core had been penetrated and so oversaw preparations for the explosive capsule with the Red Dalek and the Gold Dalek. Informed by the Red Dalek that Dr. Who, the "rebel leader", had been captured, the Gold Dalek gave the order to position the capsule. The Black Dalek presented Dr. Who, the "rebel leader" who had been captured along with Susan and Wyler, to the Gold Dalek, who intended to exterminate him. However, Dr. Who stalled by offering to help neutralise the Daleks' weakness to magnetism. Once the Robomen arrived, Dr. Who seized the control and ordered the Robomen to attack the Daleks. Though the control room was soon secured, Dr. Who and company escaped, creating a distraction and so the capsule was dropped only to explode off-course. As the Daleks were all summoned into the spaceship, they were incapacitated by the magnetic forces. Unable to control itself, the Black Dalek fell down the shaft where the capsule had been dropped, followed by the Red Dalek before the ship itself crashed, destroying all the Daleks on Earth. (NOTVALID: Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.)

Behind the scenes[]


The Gold Dalek was depicted using a specially constructed prop.[1]

Other matters[]

  • A Dalek resembling this Gold Dalek is one of two that feature in the 2003 film Looney Tunes: Back in Action.