Colonel Godsacre was serving with the British Army in 1881, when he discovered an injured Ice Warrior in the South African veldt.

Biography Edit

Desertion Edit

Godsacre served at Isandlwana and would later be falsely known as a hero by the men who served beneath him. He was secretly a deserter who had been sent to hang for cowardice. The executioners "bungled" the execution and Godsacre survived with a scar on his neck.

Arrival on Mars Edit

One day in 1881, Godsacre discovered an interplanetary vessel in the veldt. He found an Ice Warrior aboard, revived him and named him "Friday" after the character of the same name from Robinson Crusoe. Friday promised Godsacre and his men Martian treasures in exchange for help repairing his ship, enabling them to reach the Red Planet. The ship crashed upon landing and both supplies and morale soon drained away.

Godsacre and his men used the Gargantua to mine for gemstones in the Martian rock. Instead, they uncovered an Ice Warrior Hive and awoke the Empress Iraxxa.

Redemption Edit

Captain Catchlove was aware of Godsacre's cowardice at Isandlwana and used it as blackmail. Catchlove revealed his desertion to his men and Godsacre, the Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts were arrested and locked in a cell.

The group were freed by Friday. Catchlove attempted to make an escape by holding Iraxxa hostage. Godsacre shot his treacherous Captain dead. He agreed to serve Iraxxa and remained on Mars with the Ice Warriors, spelling out a message on the Martian surface: GOD SAVE THE QUEEN. (TV: Empress of Mars)

Personality Edit

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