The Gods of Light, as called by the Menoptera, were gargantuan, gaseous beings that resided in star clusters. Their lifespans stretched for millions of years and they used isocryte to construct their machines. They spoke by identifying what type of statement they would make if their speech was a statement, query, accusation, information, or observation. An example would be:

"(statement/warning): capability underestimation inadvisable", meaning "don't underestimate me."

Their students were taught in cycle groups by tutors, learning knowledge such as third-level dextrobrocation. Two students, Bris and Ilex, created a secret project planet that became Vortis, transplanting several Menoptera to the world and installing at the centre of the world a means of piloting it through space. They accessed this centre through a hyperspace tunnel. Due to their lifespans, they observed the experiment as life evolved on the planet, selecting a few Menoptera to take for preservation while the others worshipped them as the "Gods of Light" and built temples to them. A rival student, Twel, introduced the Animus into the project, which the Gods of Light knew of as one of the Old Ones and saw as a threat.

Tutor Oryl, upon learning of Vortis and coming into contact with the Second Doctor as he tried to explain the threat, took on the Animus itself and fought it before being torn in half by it. Oryl retreated and sealed the hyperspace portal to prevent the Animus from reaching the rest of the Gods, before it was destroyed by Jamie McCrimmon and Kretus. Afterwards, the Gods relinquished Vortis to the Menoptera. (PROSE: Twilight of the Gods)

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