God Among Us was the sixth series of Torchwood, released by Big Finish Productions in 2018 and 2019 as part of their Torchwood: The Story Continues line.

Picking up after the events of series 5, it continued the story of the Torchwood team rebuilding Torchwood Three in Cardiff. It focused on God's arrival on Earth and featured the Committee and Norton Folgate.

Notably, it explored Ng's interactions with the members of Torchwood after the revelation that she was pretending to be Gwen Cooper, and Tyler Steele officially joining the team, after he became homeless.


God Among Us 1[]

# Title Author Featuring Released
6.1 Future Pain James Goss Jack, Tyler, Yvonne, Orr, Colin, Mr Colchester, Ro-Jedda, Ng, Andy, Gwen, Rhys, God 23 October 2018
6.2 The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood Guy Adams Tyler, Jack, Yvonne, Orr, Ng, Mr Colchester, God
6.3 See No Evil John Dorney Jack, Yvonne, Andy, Colin, Orr, Ng, Mr Colchester, God
6.4 Night Watch Tim Foley Orr, Jack, Yvonne, Colin, Mr Colchester, Tyler, Ng, God, Andy, Norton

God Among Us 2[]

# Title Author Featuring Released
6.5 Flight 405 Lou Morgan Yvonne, Andy, Norton 20 February 2019
6.6 Hostile Environment Ash Darby Tyler, Mr Colchester, Ng, God
6.7 Another Man's Shoes Tim Foley Yvonne, Andy, Norton, Tyler, Jack, Ng, Colin, the Committee
6.8 Eye of the Storm David Llewellyn Jack, Mr Colchester, Norton, Ng, Yvonne, Tyler, God, the Committee

God Among Us 3[]

# Title Author Featuring Released
6.9 A Mother's Son Alexandria Riley Yvonne, Jack, Tyler, Colin, God, Andy 19 June 2019
6.10 ScrapeJane Robin Bell Mr Colchester, Ng, Tyler, Orr, Colin, Jeff, Niamh
6.11 Day Zero Tim Foley Yvonne, Jack, Tyler, Orr, Mr Colchester, Ng, Colin, Andy, God
6.12 Thoughts and Prayers James Goss

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