God, also known as the Old God (AUDIO: Escape Room) or the Lord, (AUDIO: Future Pain) was a being who travelled from planet to planet answering prayers and feeding off of faith, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the world's people.

Biography Edit

Before Earth Edit

By the 2010s, God was so old that she could not remember if she had any other name, nor what kind of being she was. (AUDIO: Thoughts and Prayers) She travelled from world to world with her arrival preceded by the Herald, who prepared the inhabitants for her. (AUDIO: Herald of the Dawn, Future Pain) She fed on the faith of those that worshipped her and heard all of their prayers. However, granting these prayers always resulted in the destruction of the world. (AUDIO: Day Zero, Thoughts and Prayers)

The Sorvix fled from their home planet to Cardiff in the late 2010s when God came to them. This time, the Herald hid from God in the body of Gwen Cooper. (AUDIO: Herald of the Dawn) When the Sorvix left, God was trapped. (AUDIO: Escape Room) Bilis Manger sent the location of Earth to God through the Rift. (AUDIO: A Kill to a View) She eventually came to Cardiff through the Rift at Torchwood Three Hub. (AUDIO: Herald of the Dawn)

Arriving in Cardiff Edit

God appeared on Colchester's memorial service in the form of a pleasant humanoid woman, chatting with Tyler Steele. (AUDIO: Future Pain) Answering Tyler's prayer, she resurrected Colchester. (AUDIO: Day Zero) She briefly met with Brent Hayden, whom Tyler was using to cover up the Sorvix presence in Cardiff, and granted his wish for more subscribers. (AUDIO: The Man Who Destroyed Torchwood)

As balance was required, God had to let "a few things" through the Rift after bringing back Colchester. She allowed an alien predator to come to Cardiff, (AUDIO: Thoughts and Prayers) which covered the whole of Cardiff in total darkness, until Yvonne Hartman was able to trap and kill it. She saved Ng from being killed by the predator and approached Orr. (AUDIO: See No Evil)

She appeared to Orr after the Black Sun came to the city and put almost everyone to sleep. She told her that she's the only one who can maintain the "night watch", and used Orr's unique powers to absorb the pieces of the Light that followed the Black Sun and latched to people's pain. Later she explained to Orr that the Light was the only thing left after the first attack of the Black Sun, after it destroyed their home planet. Orr helped to unite the Light together, and now God was able to give them a new home. She also told Orr that she wouldn't reveal herself to the rest of the Torchwood team until they start to "get along". And after that she showed Orr her true powers, declaring "God is love", and that turned Orr to a puddle. (AUDIO: Night Watch)

She later appeared to Norton Folgate on the crashing plane, telling him to remember who his "true friends" are (AUDIO: Flight 405) and again to Tyler Steele when he became homeless and suffered at the hand of the drug-injecting drones, reminding him of one person he saved in the past, but he could not remember. (AUDIO: Hostile Environment) She was referring to Colchester. (AUDIO: Thoughts and Prayers)

God stole body-swapping Evolved technology from the Committee and used it to switch Jack and Colchester, Tyler and Norton and Yvonne and Andy. Ng found her in an ice cream van, where God told her that she was testing Torchwood to see if they were ready to "weather the storm" and to see how Ng would react. (AUDIO: Another Man's Shoes)

God posed as a nurse at the care home on Cathedral Road. She spoke to Roy, a member of the Committee, about the weather and offered him tea, but they dispensed with the charade when the other pensioners went to bingo. When the tsunami approached Cardiff, Roy informed her that they had manipulated her into causing Norton's betrayal, leading to the tsunami occurring. The care home was hit. (AUDIO: Eye of the Storm)

Feeling that she had lost all that she had after being manipulated by the Committee, God watched the Disaster Recovery Committee's inquiry and spoke to Bethan Foster about it. (AUDIO: A Mother's Son)

Yvonne found God in a coffee shop and later told Andy where she was. Andy sent the D.R.C. to arrest her. (AUDIO: Day Zero)

The Committee planned on using God's power to remake Earth, unaware that God had transferred her powers to Orr. After the Committee was defeated by Yvonne Hartman, God left Cardiff intending to open a tea shop. (AUDIO: Thoughts and Prayers)

Powers Edit

God had the power to grant people's wishes, although balance was needed. For example, when she resurrected Mr Colchester per Tyler's wish, she had to allow a predator (AUDIO: See No Evil) and the Night Sun (AUDIO: Night Watch) through the Rift. (AUDIO: Thoughts and Prayers) She also had the power of hypnosis, (AUDIO: The Man Who Destroyed Earth) the ability to teleport (AUDIO: Night Watch, Flight 405) and was able to see through the predator's darkness and tell it to leave. (AUDIO: See No Evil)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Jacqueline King was credited as a "mourner" on the Big Finish website for God Among Us 1. She appeared in little scenes throughout the first three episodes of God Among Us, and only in the final episode of the first box-set her character revealed herself as God, exclusively to Orr. In the audio credits for the first box-set she was named "God", as well as on the Big Finish website starting with second box-set.
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