GodEngine is the fifty-first Virgin New Adventures novel. It features the Seventh Doctor travelling for the first time with Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester, but without Bernice Summerfield. Set on Mars before the 22nd century Dalek invasion, it sees a reappearance of the Ice Warriors. It explores their culture in detail and how it was influenced by the Osirians.

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"We're on Mars, we're surrounded by Ice Warriors, and the TARDIS has been destroyed. Business as usual, I suppose."

Stranded on Mars, the Doctor and Roz team up with a group of colonists on a journey to find much-needed supplies at the North Pole. But when their expedition is joined by a party of Ice Warrior pilgrims, tensions are stretched to breaking point. Meanwhile, Chris finds himself on Pluto's moon, trapped with a group of desperate scientists in a deadly race against time.

The year is 2157: the Earth has been invaded, and forces are at work on Mars to ensure that the mysterious invaders are successful. Unless the Doctor can solve the riddle of the GodEngine, the entire course of human history will be changed.

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  • Ice Lord Falaxyr is one of the surviving members of the Eight-Point Table. He was working with the Daleks.
  • Erica Dortmun is the daughter of Dortmun.
  • Michael Anders, Rachel's brother, was a hero to the Ice Warriors, having died defending a Martian nest against an Arcturan attack force.

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