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An audio story was released in 2005 as a part of Doctor Who at the BBC Volume 3, an edition of the Doctor Who at the BBC series of CD releases (also narrated by Sladen). It was created out of a series of audio soundbites meant for a live performance which took place in 18 May 1974 at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex.

The narrative was structured to support whatever props could be available for the event, featuring the oddball team-up of the Daleks and Aggedor, as well as having Sarah saved by a Cavalry detachment.

The story is not known to have had a set title during its creation; the CD itself referred to it as simply "Personal appearance at Goodwood Races, Not broadcast, 1974". However, DWM 568 used the title Glorious Goodwood for the story, noting that it had first gained traction in online fandom.


At the Goodwood Motor Circuit, Sarah Jane Smith encounters some old enemies...


Sarah is at Goodwood Motor Circuit, West Sussex, and is driving the Whomobile around it. She contacts the Doctor, who says he cannot be with her because he is having his metabolism checked over on order of the Brigadier, who thinks he is not safe in Bessie, let alone the Whomobile. The Doctor tells her to have a good time, but to be careful. Sarah says that if it comes to the worst she has her Emergency Rescue call button. She wishes the Doctor well and reminds herself to bring him a bunch of grapes when she gets back.

Meanwhile, a Dalek patrol reports back to the Dalek Supreme. The Daleks search and receive readings of the Doctor's Whomobile at Goodwood in Sussex, but are disappointed to find that the two passengers of the car are both human. Despite this, the Daleks prepare to attack.

Sarah sees something on the track ahead and slows down to look at it. At first she thinks it's a "...couple of old dustbins and a garden ornament", but she soon recognises these as the Daleks, accompanied by Aggedor, the royal beast of Peladon.

She presses her Emergency Rescue call button. The Daleks order her to stop. Sarah stops, and tells them that she is tired of running into them at every stop. She threatens to report them to the racing authority. The Daleks insist that she come with them to the Dalek Supreme for interrogation.

The army arrives to help defeat the Daleks. The Daleks are overtaken, then retreat, having failed in their mission.



  • The Doctor says not even his Venusian karate will get him out of his health check.
  • Sarah considers calling Stirling Moss.


A Dalek, Elisabeth Sladen, the Whomobile, and Aggedor at the event.

  • The episode is primarily carried by Elisabeth Sladen. Jon Pertwee is heard only briefly. One notable aspect of the production is that it's the only occasion in which the name Whomobile is actually uttered in relation to the futuristic car owned by the Doctor.
  • The Daleks describe two humans in the Whomobile, but the second is never identified. At the live event there was indeed another person in the car, the driver, explaining the added detail.
  • Glorious Goodwood, Police 5: The Master, Making Cocoa and The Stealers from Saiph are currently the only DWU productions to feature no surviving cast members.


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