Glom was a trader in temporal weapons and the owner of Glom Enterprises. He sold goods from Gallifrey at the Fluren Temporal Bazaar on Fluren's World.

Glom could release a powerful jet of ink as a defence mechanism.

Rose Tyler, protected from the time winds by her tachyon inhibitor, fell through the Time Vortex into Glom's time scoops, and nearly ripped out the ship's injector systems. Rose worked off the damage, and was handed back to her friends, the Ninth Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness, when Glom realised she was on a Lect ship. When the emergency protocol was triggered, Glom fled from the planet. (COMIC: Weapons of Past Destruction)

The Ninth Doctor encountered Glom again on Shirov-three. He was running a travel industry that involved the use of a wormhole which passed through San Francisco. The Doctor overloaded the wormhole, causing it to collapse, stranding several of Glom's customers on Earth. The Doctor threatened Glom into sending a rescue mission out for his customers so that they didn't sue him. (COMIC: The Transformed)

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