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Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre was a theatre in Southwark, London.

According to Michael Campling's Shakespeare's Playing Space, the theatre was built by Cuthbert Burbage in 1599 using timber from London's first playhouse, The Theatre. (PROSE: Theatre of War)

The theatre was built by Peter Streete under the influence of the Carrionites, who made sure that it had fourteen sides specifically. Its coordinates were 761390. During the only performance of Love's Labour's Won in 1599, the fourteen sides when combined with the power of William Shakespeare's words from the play brought an army of Carrionites through from the Deep Darkness. With the help of the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones, Shakespeare devised his own words to banish the Carrionites back into the Deep Darkness, along with Love's Labour's Won's script. (TV: The Shakespeare Code)

When the Doctor's TARDIS landed in November 1605, Barbara Wright pointed out the Globe. She and Ian Chesterton attempted to make it to the theatre to see one of Shakespeare's plays, but were unable to do so when they were caught up in the events of the Gunpowder Plot. (PROSE: The Plotters)

On 29 June 1613, the Globe Theatre was destroyed by fire. It had been set by Francis Pearson, who was jealous of Shakespeare's success. (PROSE: Managra)

Stones remaining from the Globe Theatre would be used by the Carrionites as they fought the Sixth Doctor in the 1980s, wishing to exploit the time paradox that would arise from a confrontation with his earlier self. (AUDIO: The Carrionite Curse)

Other information[]

Whilst in Europa in 3278, the Fourth Doctor discussed the Globe Theatre with Sarah Jane Smith. (PROSE: Managra)

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