The GlobeSphere Corporation was an energy company run by Damien Stephens. They were headquartered in the former National Gallery by 2025.

GlobeSphere provided holographic Internet access, and charged for time spent online to one's personal account. Accounts were recognised by fingerprint.

The Corporation had built a base on the Moon and fields of solar panels stretching across the surface. Stephens claimed they would be used to beam energy to Earth to alleviate the global energy crisis.

However, Stephens was secretly being controlled by Daleks from the future. They planned to avert the defeats they had suffered by the people of Earth in their relative past. To that end, they were going to use the energy produced by the solar panels to generate a gravity neutralising force field around the planet. This would cause the Moon to spin off into space and cause so much climactic disruption that all life would be wiped out. Their plans were stopped by the Fourth Doctor, Leela and Jack Coulson. (AUDIO: Energy of the Daleks)

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