Glendower Broadsword was the avatar of Owen Harper within the virtual world of Second Reality.

Glendower took part in a game of Russian roulette, opposite Brad Kominsky, Brenda Simone and Walter Pendulum. During Owen's first run-through, Glendower would always die second, following the death of Kominsky and Pendulum abandoning the contest.

Connected to the internet, Glendower visited the Wumpaam district, and bought a pair of magic sunglasses from Candlesmith. She then found Egg Magnet outside the Surer Square. Glendower and Egg realised they had a lot in common. Glendower put on the sunglasses to find out Egg's fleshspace name and Owen discovered that Egg was in reality his old girlfriend, Megan Tegg.

Glendower was six foot ten in height and fifteen stone in weight, towering over the rest of her family both physically and intellectually. She wore a black leather jerkin, emblazoned on her left breast with a dragon motif, over a thin vest of meshed steel which covered a pure cotton chemise. Her dark cotton trousers were stuffed into a pair of sturdy black boots. Over her hands, she wore deerskin gloves. After unknowingly basing his avatar on a female wrestler, Owen also discovered that Glendower had a very impressive pair of breasts.

She was considered the strongest and brightest of her lineage. With twelve years of battle knowledge as a Brandywine dragoon, she was placed within the marksman's upper quartile for accuracy, speed and dexterity. Her strongest asset was her hand-to-hand combat and few could match her in an unarmed close-quartered brawl. Her overriding ambition was to top the Wrestling League. (PROSE: Another Life)

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