The Glass Men were a species that lived in the City of Glass on Valcea. Daedalus was their ruler. The Ghillighast were their enemies.

Composed almost entirely of glass with red eyes, they had organic ruby-coloured hearts. They tended to travel in groups of three. They moved around their city in wheelchairs powered by something resembling static electricity. The wheelchairs could discharge flame from the armrests. They had force fields which could be used to immobilise intruders. (PROSE: The Blue Angel)

The Glass Men were attacked by the New Gods and ousted from the City of Glass. Those that survived lived in a small village in the mountains near the city.

About 30,000 years after her first encounter with the Glass Men, Iris Wildthyme visited the village with Simon, Panda, and Barbra. Barbra was worshipped by the Glass Men because of her resemblance to the New Gods. Because of their reverence for Barbra and because Iris appeared in their ancient legends, the Glass Men helped the group by giving them a map of Valcea and repairing the windows of the Celestial Omnibus. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme)

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