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Glamour technology was technology capable of creating a psychic shield for a variety of purposes. With a glamour field, illusions could be made to hide things.

Glamour technology was invented by the Kladdavoreesh to protect themselves from the predators of their planet. From there it spread out, was adopted and adapted and was used for a variety of purposes, mainly military and criminal. By 1947, 73,924 species had access and used glamour technology, including the Jal Karath.

When Darac-7 and Veec-9 came to Earth, both used glamour technology for their purposes. Veec-9 used it to appear human and to hide his ship in the mountains. Darac-7, on the other hand, had less advanced glamour technology, meaning he couldn't disguise himself as a human. He was still able to disguise a small drone as a fly for spying purposes and to hide his ship, making it look like what people feared. When investigating the ship, Ranjit saw Shiva, Mohandas Gandhi saw darkness descending on the world and Donna Noble saw the Empress of the Racnoss. (PROSE: Ghosts of India)

A Weave craft that crash landed on Earth contained Glamour technology. It escaped after the hull was damaged. Oliver Marks used it to create an illusion in which his fiancée, Daisy Conlan, was alive and they had a family. It left him when it was attracted back to the ship. (PROSE: The Glamour Chase)

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