Giordano Bruno was a 16th century philosopher whose life was heavily influenced by House Dvora and Father Self of Faction Paradox.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Bruno originated from the Italian town of Nola. He was the son of a soldier.

From a young age, Bruno was manipulated by an agent of House Dvora impersonating a Cardinal. The end-goal of Dvora was to shape Bruno into an individual who would become pope, reform the Catholic Church, and lead Europe into an early age of rationalism, altering human history in a way which would benefit them in the War in Heaven. The Cardinal frequently visited Bruno in Nola and became somewhat of a tutor.

Bruno left home to receive an education at a monastery in Naples, learning about mathematics, physics, astronomy, and metaphysics. Bruno was dissatisfied with what he was taught and began forming his own ideas about the universe. The Cardinal continued visiting Bruno while he was at the monastery. Near the end of Bruno's time at the monastery, the Cardinal returned as an entirely different man claiming to be the Cardinal's nephew; Bruno sensed that somehow the nephew and the Cardinal were one and the same.

After finishing his education at the age of 24, Bruno was ordained a priest. In order to handle all of his knowledge, Bruno devised a system of mnemonic techniques. The techniques were so effective at enhancing memory that Bruno was invited to Rome to demonstrate his mind to the Pope.

However, Bruno took an interest in heresy and magic, topics which could have him tried and executed by the Church. Bruno fled the monastery and took to a life of wandering. (PROSE: De Umbris Idearum)

Wandering Europe Edit

For a decade, Bruno became a wandering scholar, travelling Europe and spreading his memory techniques and views on cosmology. All the while, he continued to study magical texts. He also published De umbris idearum, a book on his theories of mnemonics.

After angering the Calvinists in Geneva and the Lutherans in Helmstadt, Bruno found protection with the king of France.

After living in the French court, Bruno relocated to the French embassy in London. He became associated with John Dee and the Service. Bruno found significant progress with his research into magic during his stay in England; particularly with his acquisition of a Faction Paradox mask from an occult collector in Oxford.

In 1584, Bruno performed an experimental ritual with the Faction mask, accidentally creating an astral link with the mask's owner, Father Self, in the Eleven-Day Empire. Self informed Bruno of the fate that Dvora wished for him to have and also informed him of another possible fate: to be burned at the stake by the Church, becoming a martyr. Before leaving, Self advised Bruno that - should he go down the martyr route - it would be beneficial to teach the mnemonic techniques to as many people as possible. (PROSE: De Umbris Idearum)

The path to death Edit

Bruno couldn't decide which future he wanted, but he nonetheless followed Self's advise to personally spread his mnemonic system.

Bruno eventually returned to Italy, where he was captured by authorities. He was given the chance to repent, but he didn't and shortly afterwards he was burned at the stake. (PROSE: De Umbris Idearum)

Remembrances Edit

Father Self collected memories of Bruno from everyone Bruno had taught the memory system and used them to recreate Bruno with a remembrance tank. Self took this remembrance of Bruno forward in time to Anathema in 1799 and left him there with the Remote.

By 2012, Bruno had been simplified by generations of remembrance into Brown.

Sometime after Gerard Evangelista joined the Remote, a remembrance of Bruno was inspired by the personalised nature of internet to try to change the Remote's relationship with signals. The remembrance proposed that members of the Remote should choose which signals they receive. The other Remote didn't take kindly to this proposed revolution, so they murdered the remembrance and sabotaged his remembrance tank so that he couldn't be recreated. (PROSE: De Umbris Idearum)

City of the Saved Edit

In the City of the Saved, Bruno created the Memory Theatre. (PROSE: A Hundred Words from a Civil War)

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