Gilly was a nursemaid of the Warkeeper. She was secretly a Harpy in human form.

She met the Tenth Doctor, the Brigadier and Michael Yates when Tilly brought them to their field station. She transformed into her true form and moved to attack the Doctor and the Brig, but she and the other harpies were scared off by the Hawks. Along with the other harpies, she was transported to Upper Wardleswick by Michael Yates.

In Upper Wardleswick, she and the other harpies grew impatient and demanded Yates to start a war. They were tricked by the Doctor, and they ran into a pub where they found the Brigadier. They turned back into their human forms, and Gilly told him that he "didn't have to do this anymore". They were defeated by the Brig when he used the Warkeeper's crown to banish them in a whirlwind. (COMIC: The Warkeeper's Crown)

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