Gilles Lemaitre was born in the Kingdom of Dahomey in 1744. He was part of the Efik tribe. His birthname was Nkome, but he was renamed Gilles by the Europeans who could not pronounce that. When his tribe could not capture enough people from a neighbouring tribe in 1750 to meet their quota of slaves, their village was taken to meet the quota. The ship Gilles was on sank in a storm off the coast of Cuba, and he and the tribe's Leopard Chief were the only survivors.

The Leopard Chief taught Gilles about the Great Old Ones, and they plotted revenge on those they blamed for the destruction of their tribe. Gilles eventually was able to contact Cthulhu and became his servant. One of the benefits of that servitude was an extended lifespan. When he was one hundred and seventy years old, he looked like he was in his sixties.

Lemaitre collected volumes of eldritch lore during his lifetime. While investigating his villa in Haiti, Ace found copies of The Book of Dzyan, The Book of Eibon, The Golden Bough, Ludwig Prinn's De Vermis Mysteriis, and The Beginner's Guide to the Necronomicon.

By 1915, Lemaitre, or Mait, was considered one of the most powerful houngan in Haiti. Some thought he might be a boeor as well.

Cthulhu gave Mait the knowledge to be able to construct a focused neuro-pattern enhancer, which he used to mentally communicate with others and control the zombies he created. He also planned on channelling the emotional energy of the Wete Mo Nan Dlo ritual through a giant version of the enhancer hidden in a cavern to help reunite Cthulhu's mind with his body. Mait and the enhancer were destroyed when he unintentionally triggered motion sensitive explosives that the Seventh Doctor had set in the cavern. (PROSE: White Darkness)

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