Gilgamesh was, in his own words, "King of Ur, Uruk and just about everywhere else worth knowing . . . the slaughterer of thousands, the most renowned lover and all-round party guy" in 2700 BC. (PROSE: Happy Endings) He helped the Seventh Doctor and Ace defeat Ishtar. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Genesys)

He later attended the wedding reception of Bernice Summerfield and Jason Kane in Cheldon Bonniface on 24 April 2010. He happily drank Newcastle Brown Ale and sexually propositioned Benny. She informed him that, although she was looking to have sex, she wasn't going to be having it with him. He retorted that it was just as well, since he preferred more buxom women. Benny was not overly impressed with him. (PROSE: Happy Endings)

Simon King put on a stage production of The Epic of Gilgamesh in his hometown of Cirbury. (PROSE: Rags)

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