The Gilfane Craw was a Sycorax "thinker" and one of the wives of the Sycorax tribe who invaded Earth in 2006.

When the Sycorax wives went looking for their husbands in the Sol system following the failed invasion, they found nothing but the dust remains of the ship. They landed their own ship in the Caribbean, disguising it as an island called Shadow Cay, which became populated by humans turned into zombies, known as abstracts, by the Gilfane Craw. The abstracts were used to find the black box recorder the Foraxi Yox so they could discover the truth of what happened to the Sycorax on the first ship. The Gilfane Craw also created the phage abstracts, which were abstracts carrying a virus that would remove the human immune system and prevent death, leaving them in agony for hundreds of years. The mind of Lee Deverill was used by the Gilfane Craw as a conduit to control all of the other abstracts, while Lee's consciousness escaped to another random victim. These abstracts had an unbreakable "curse" put on them, meaning no signal could break their "spell".

In 2009, Lee killed the Gilfane Craw by pushing her into the acidic liquid of the lithic womb, taking him with her. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse)

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