The Gifftans were a humanoid species that existed in the 67th century.

Gifftans looked indistinguishable from humans. Gifftan males and females both experienced pregnancy. However, males only gave birth to male children, whereas females gave birth to females.

Male Gifftan pregnancies lasted a week and thus progressed rapidly in relation to human pregnancies. Young were gestated in a pregnancy sac that was cut open during birth.

Gifftan babies were born with two umbilical cords that had to be cut simultaneously at birth.

Gifftan culture had some odd notions about Earth. They believed Avocado Pear to be a legendary Earth hero, rather than names of fruit. Because of this, Yoss Inkl named his son Avocado. Names such as Ryan and Graham sounded alien to the Gifftans and thus would be laughed at. (TV: The Tsuranga Conundrum)

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