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Gideon was the Khamirae landlord of The Magister's Arms pub on a backwater planet.

He thanked the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones for returning his daughter Cora home. He told the Doctor about the Thane and his beast Viktor, when Viktor attacked The Magister's Arms and tried taking both the Doctor and Martha to the Thane's castle. Gideon forced Viktor to drop the Doctor, and the Doctor convinced Gideon to storm the Thane's keep together with him. The Doctor destroyed the neuropathic generator, not realising it was what was preventing the Khamirae villagers from transforming into beasts. Gideon transformed into a tiger creature, but the Doctor found a bottle of chemicals to knock him out. The Doctor later restored Gideon to human form when he fixed the generator. The Thane decided to spend the remainder of his life letting the Khamirae villagers come to terms with who they truly were. (COMIC: Universal Monsters)

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