The Giant Wasps were an insectoid species.

The killer wasps

The rebel Quarks fight Giant Wasps. (COMIC: The Killer Wasps)

The Quarks attempted to use Vespiforms to attack the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon on Gano, but the creatures attacked the Quarks instead. (COMIC: The Killer Wasps)

The Sixth Doctor encountered them on Earth, in 1999. (PROSE: Millennial Rites)

Jack Harkness had heard whispers of a war between Quark rebels and Vespiforms, but he could not confirm these stories. (WC: Monster File: Vespiform)

A film adaptation of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, which according to the Sixth Doctor "hadn't even been bad enough to be good", featured Giant Wasps and Quarks. (PROSE: Synthespians™)