Ghostwatch was an online game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website. The video game was based on the episode Army of Ghosts, where the ghosts of dead people seemed to come back to Earth, but it turned out that they were Cybermen.

Scenario Edit

Level 1 Edit

Ghosts appeared everywhere around the world. Suzy Monroe wants to go to the Powell Estate in London to film some of those.

She wants to capture some scientific info about the ghosts and tape them on video, so that they can be shown on the Ghostwatch TV show.

To get more information of the ghosts she has a automatic Electro Mag scan on her camera which gathers data on the ghosts.

She films ghosts in a flat, outside near the Bad Wolf graffiti, in the hallway and in front of a gate with several cars behind it. She also gathers data with her Electro Mag scan about four ghosts, one in each location.

Level 2 Edit

After Suzy has successfully captured ghosts on camera she leaves the Powell Estate and wants to have a look at some viewers' sightings. She uses a GPS map to find the ghosts.

End Edit

The ghosts turn out to be Cybermen. A Cyberman attacks Suzy Monroe and says she is going to be deleted. Then the broadcast of the show stops. A sign "technical fault" appears. Winning and losing the game both ends this way.

How to play? Edit

Level 1 Edit

You have to watch out for the ghosts and film them. Use the arrow keys to move the camera.

You need to use the automatic Electro Mag scan to gather data on the ghosts. You scan the ghosts by clicking on them for long enough.

When the green Spectral Data meter fills it means that there is a ghost nearby. The higher it gets the closer you are.

Level 2 Edit

Ghostwatch (video game) Level 2

Level 2

Use the arrow keys to move to navigate the GPS map. When a ghost appears on the map use your mouse to click on it, so that Suzy knows how to find it.

Characters Edit

Ghostwatch (video game)l


References Edit

  • Moria asked if they could play the new song of Shayne Ward.
  • James asked why Ghostwatch were only filming in London, while there were ghosts in Yorkshire too.
  • When Suzy Monroe is looking at the viewers' sightings she is also sent to places where no ghosts or Cybermen appear. On one of the places she sees a cat which she fondles.

Story notes Edit

  • The video game was published here.
  • The events of this game are based on the Doctor Who episode Army of Ghosts. There the ghosts, the Cybermen and Ghostwatch appeared.

Continuity Edit

  • Suzy is filming ghosts which turn out to be Cybermen, making the story take place at the same time as TV: Army of Ghosts.
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