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Ghostwatch was a TV show presented by Alistair Appleton which was devoted to the ghosts that had begun to appear all over the world in 2007. Appleton was killed live on screen when the ghosts fully materialised as Cybermen and invaded the studio. (TV: Army of Ghosts)

Roberta Wang was the producer of the show and Tony Salt was the director.

Ghostwatch Technical Fault

A sign technical fault appeared on Ghostwatch (WC: Ghostwatch)

When Tony Salt got sick Suzy Monroe took over his job. She filmed several ghosts at the Powell Estate in London, which was broadcast life on Ghostwatch. Then Suzy left to have a look at some viewers' sightings. There she was attacked by a Cyberman who told her that she was not compatible and that she would be deleted. Suzy screamed. Then the broadcast of the show stopped. A sign "technical fault" appeared. (GAME: Ghostwatch)

SMS to Ghostwatch Edit

During the broadcast of Ghostwatch, SMS could be sent to the show. They needed to be texted to G40S7. While Suzy Monroe was filming the following SMS were sent. A lot of them were very short and included typos:

  • I think its all an advertising campaign su xxx
  • Don't trust the gohsts! David R
  • There's one here who is def my dad. liam m
  • Pete - will you marry me? xxx Shona
  • Theyre our relatives back from beyond the grave Jen S
  • Why is ghostwatch always in London - there r ghosts in yorkshire james
  • There's one in our classroom. We think it's an old teacher! Class 4G
  • Theres one in our bathroom and I need the loo!!!!! mad colin
  • Can you play Shayne's Ward new song. Thanx moria
  • They're coming... MIC
  • I like the ghosts. They're friendly cora b
  • One just walked through me!!!!!!!!! trev
  • My nan has come back to see me! Jamie
  • Why do they appear in shifts? paulo
  • One just spoke to me! It said it was thirsty!! Cmf x
  • Is it me or r there more of them each time? gbemi
  • Who r coming MIC? Tom Smith
  • 23 6 801 joe robjam
  • I think they are angels and r here to look after us jp
  • Hahahaha! Dirty Den is back!!!! Sophie
  • A ghost just mooned me! mad merlin
  • I think ghostwatch trivialises the whole situation and that we shou M. Steer
  • There's one on big brother live. Is it a new contestant? ian
  • Why won't u play Shayne Ward's new song?????? moria
  • Ur reporter should go to the balcony and look from there hp
  • My cat is scared of them. Why??? Sheila G
  • Moria - ur texing the wrong programme!!!! Adam White
  • I think it's sign of the end times. Doomsday is coming! fraggle
  • There were sum clubbin with me and me girlz last nite soroya
  • where do they come from? who r they? wot r they? squidbaby (WC: Ghostwatch)
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