Ghosts of Winterborne was a home video published by BBV Productions.

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The Devil of Winterborne has only recently been exorcised by P.R.O.B.E.

But when the body of its last victim disappears, and a book of black magic spells is stolen from a local museum, Liz Shaw begins to wonder if the ghosts of the past have really been laid to rest.

Forced into an unholy alliance with the school's disgraced headmaster, Liz must fight not only her own warring emotions, but a festering evil that threatens to corrupt the Earth again after 100 years.

But how do you fight a shadow from hell?

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Story notes Edit

  • The end credits list Mrs Wyndham's first name as Barbara, rather than her on-screen name of Margaret. However, Mrs Wyndham's deceased twin sister, Ms Taploe, was also named Barbara.
  • This story is set some months after HOMEVID: The Devil of Winterborne, with Davison, Matthews and Shearsmith reprising their roles as Gavin Purcell, Christian and Andrew Powell from that story. This story expands on themes from that video, with a flashback to Christian's 18th century predecessor and the use of clips from that story.

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DVD, video, and other releases Edit

Originally released on home video in 1996, it was reissued on DVD in 2012, available from Galaxy 4.

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