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[[Category:Stories set in the 21st century]]
[[Category:Stories set in the 21st century]]
[[Category:Audio stories that use the Peter Howell Doctor Who theme]]
[[Category:Audio stories that use the Peter Howell Doctor Who theme]]
[[Category:Adric audio stories]]
[[Category:Nyssa audio stories]]
[[Category:Tegan Jovanka audio stories]]

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Ghost Walk was the two hundred and thirty-fifth story in Big Finish's monthly range. It was written by James Goss and featured Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, Matthew Waterhouse as Adric, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa and Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka.

Publisher's summary

This is a city of ghosts and no-one knows them better than Leanne. Twice a night she leads tourists to visit the most haunted sites - the Hanging Yard, the Witch Pool, the Screaming House, and, of course, the Catacombs.

Leanne’s realised the ghosts of the city are real. Something’s lurking in the Catacombs - an ancient force that has been growing in the darkness for centuries. Sabaoth is returning and they must be stopped before they devour the world. Leanne knows this, because a ghost told her.

A ghost called The Doctor.


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