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|post production =
|post production =
|publisher = [[BBC Audio]]
|publisher = [[BBC Audio]]
|release date = [[7 March]] [[2011]]
|release date = [[7 March (releases)|7 March]] [[2011]]
|format = 2x1 hour 15 minutes CD
|format = 2x1 hour 15 minutes CD
|production code =
|production code =

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Ghost Train was the sixth release of the BBC Torchwood audio stories.

Publisher's summary

It's not easy being Rhys Williams. You're married to the sexiest woman in Torchwood. She saves the world for a living, you move lorries round in a timely fashion.

Suddenly, you've got a mystery of your own. Oh, it starts off being about missing fridges. But it leads to a midnight train pulling into an abandoned platform at Cardiff Station. What is the mysterious cargo that Rhys is unloading from the train? Where's it going? And what can be behind it?

Rhys Williams is going to get to the bottom of it. All by himself, thank you very much. Soon Captain Jack is missing, his wife's dead, and it's up to Rhys to try and put everything right. And find those fridges...



  • Facebook, Google and Wikipedia are all mentioned.
  • Ianto claims that Torchwood have had the internet for over a century.


  • The story is told in first person by Rhys.
  • The story is also available as a download from the AudioGo website.



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