Ghost Shift was the name given to the phase when ghosts appeared.



Due to the opening of the Void, ghosts began to appear all around the world. Torchwood One built a machine to turn on and off the ghosts' appearances. The phase when the ghosts were present was given the name Ghost Shift. The public were given set times when the ghosts were going to appear. There were three shifts a day: morning, mid-day and afternoon, with mid-day being the shortest as it only lasted two minutes. The Ghost Shift was turned on and off using levers in Torchwood Tower. When active the hole in the Void glowed with a white light. (TV: Army of Ghosts)

Cultural impactEdit

Spreading from London through the north of England into Scotland, the ghosts appeared across the planet Earth in numerous nations, including the United Kingdom, France in Paris, India outside the Taj Mahal, and Japan. The regular appearances of ghosts was covered by television weather reports and Ghostwatch, presented by Alistair Appleton. Derek Acorah spoke on television, finding that he was no longer needed. In EastEnders, a ghost was cast in the role of Den Watts, who had come back from the dead to confront Peggy Mitchell. Trisha Goddard had a televised interview with Eileen, a woman who had married a ghost. In Leeds, a ghost was elected as MP. In London, a regular formation gathered around Westminster Bridge, likened to a military display. Ectoshine was a product developed to treat ghosts. (TV: Army of Ghosts, GAME: Ghostwatch)


Cybermen overrode the ghost shift, activating it. More ghosts then ever before came through and were revealed to be Cybermen. When the void was closed the ghost shifts ended. (TV: Army of Ghosts)


Following his election in 2008, British Prime Minister "Harold Saxon", actually the Master, cited the "ghosts and metal men" as an example of an alien event which the British government failed to disclose to the public. (TV: The Sounds of Drums)

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