Gerry Lenz was an employer of Thomas Brewster. He wanted to know about companions of the Doctor and was introduced to Polly Wright and Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. Polly first met him when she travelled to a doomed planet, the planet Cosmic Finance Central Five, with the Second Doctor, Ben Jackson and Jamie McCrimmon. He helped them escape from the G-Naught. He was a retrieval trader, a scrap dealer, and tried to sell the Doctor some souvenirs. He thought that the Doctor was Polly's uncle and offered her a job as his personal assistant. He later rescued them from the G-Naught.

He later found the Third Doctor in a facsimile of London and stole the TARDIS. He later changed his name to Garry Lender and supplied the means for the facsimile.

He was impressed in getting the Brigadier and Polly to London. He put Brewster in charge of overseeing his collection. He started a deal with Jo Grant to stop the global warming, which Clifford Jones was delighted at. (AUDIO: The Three Companions)

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