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The German Proto-Daleks were robotic Proto-Daleks which were manufactured by German weapons factories for use in World War I and to aid the New Dalek Paradigm in completing the final stage of the Dalek Project, contemporary to the British Proto-Daleks. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)


Ostensibly, the Proto-Daleks were intended to further the war effort of their respective nations. In reality, the New Dalek Paradigm arranged their creation to complete the final stage of the Dalek Project. The German Proto-Daleks were produced in the factories of Erik Graul. Three of these Daleks were activated and attempted to kill the Eleventh Doctor and his companions, forcing them to escape on a submarine, which made these Daleks unable to follow them because they were made using primitive technology.

Eventually, when the time came for the final stage of the Dalek Project, both Proto-Dalek factories became automated, mass-producing legions of the mechanical Daleks. The robots were then ordered by the true Daleks to converge on a battle between British and German troops, and turn on the humans they were ostensibly created to serve in order to eradicate all evidence of Dalek intervention. Hellcombe sacrificed himself to destroy the German Proto-Dalek factory, while the Doctor reprogrammed the British Proto-Daleks so that they recognised true Daleks as the enemies. This aided the combined armies to destroy the true Daleks. All Proto-Daleks were destroyed by artillery barrage along with Daleks. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)


Three Proto-Daleks. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)

Proto-Daleks were manufactured during the Great War, and thus looked like a real Dalek casing had it been designed using early 1900sera technology. The German variants, like their British counterparts, used miniature tank treads for mobility, the eyestalks were much bulkier and camera-like, and were armed with a contemporary machine guns in place of the typical gunstick. The casing were was painted in dull, military colours, predominantly green for the Germans. They also sported manipulator arms similar to those used by true Daleks, but they were mounted on a pivot rather than a balljoint.

The German Proto-Daleks were distinguished from their British counterparts in their more striking appearance — the base unit was adorned with several flat, hexagonal plates in place of the usual sensor globes, and the midsection sported an Iron Cross emblem as well as metal slats mimicking the solar panels of a real Dalek. The head section, too, sported some major differences: the dome itself had a point at the top (mirroring the helmets worn by German troops at the time), and the luminosity dischargers were narrow, orange, cylindrical and larger than any true Dalek. Also unlike the British Proto-Dalek, the German version had no mesh in the neck section, and instead was just solid metal with several lateral grooves.

Despite the sharp physical differences, both Proto-Dalek variants possessed identical attributes: they were impervious to bullets. Despite being claimed to withstand mortars, grenades and light artillery, a German soldier destroyed a German Proto-Dalek with a hand grenade and heavy artilleries and shell bombardment destroyed several Proto-Daleks. They were also not immune to real Dalek weaponry. (COMIC: The Dalek Project)