Gerald Flood (born 21 April 1927[1][2] in Portsmouth, Hampshire; died 12 April 1989[3][2]) played King John and voiced Kamelion in the Doctor Who television story The King's Demons. Although technical problems with the Kamelion robotic prop made it impossible for Gerald Flood to appear regularly on Doctor Who as a voice actor for Kamelion, he did reprise the role in Planet of Fire and in a cameo in The Caves of Androzani.

Gerald Flood had been the star of the Pathfinders in Space serials, Sydney Newman and Malcolm Hulke's previous attempt at a family-oriented science-fiction show. He also played Sir Richard Flashman in the BBC's popular 1971 television serial Tom Brown's Schooldays. He died from a heart attack shortly before his 62nd birthday.

Note: To avoid rehiring Flood to voice Kamelion for its planned reappearance in The Awakening part one, it was decided that the android should instead speak with the voices of the Doctor and Turlough. Although Peter Davison and Mark Strickson recorded the required voice-overs, due to the episode overrunning the scene had to be edited out.

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