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Georgia Elizabeth Tennant (née and credited as Moffett or Georgia Tennant-Moffett) (born 25 December 1984[1]) appeared as Jenny, the title character of the Doctor Who story The Doctor's Daughter. She voiced the role of Cassie Rice for the animated Doctor Who serial Dreamland (using an American accent). She has also done numerous audio jobs in various Doctor Who stories and spin-offs for Big Finish Productions.

Personal Life[]

She is the daughter of Peter Davison, who played the Fifth Doctor (1981-84), and American actress Sandra Dickinson. She is also married to Tenth Doctor actor David Tennant, whom she met during the production of The Doctor's Daughter.

She was born nine months after Colin Baker took on role of the Sixth Doctor, replacing her father as the Doctor. Some years later she would attend the same boarding school as Baker's daughter Lucy. Moffett became pregnant at 16 (she has never named the father publicly, only saying he was an older man who worked as a waiter at a restaurant near her boarding school), and gave birth to her son, Ty Peter Moffett, on 27 March 2002. She began dating her Where the Heart Is co-star Adam Paul Harvey in February 2004, moving in with him four months later, and he became a father to her son. They split in 2006. Both Harvey and Moffett have stated that they consider him to be her son's father "in every way except biologically" and he maintains unofficial joint custody of the child. Ty attends stage school in London and has acted in a TV commercial, interviewed his mother for a video for the Doctor Who Official Site, and appeared with his mother and grandmother on a reality TV show. In 2013 Ty and his two-year-old sister appeared with their mother and grandfather in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, the unofficial 50th anniversary special written and created by Peter and Georgia. During his early childhood he frequently appeared with his mother in magazine and tabloid newspaper articles. After she started dating Tennant she stopped talking publicly about her personal life but started again once they were married.

In summer 2008, UK tabloids reported that she was dating David Tennant. In January 2011, UK tabloids reported that they were engaged, with a wedding planned for 2012, and that she was pregnant. On 31 March, UK newspapers reported that Moffett had given birth to a daughter, named Olive, earlier that week. She reportedly married Tennant in a secret ceremony on 30 December 2011, and no photos or details from the event have been made public. Moffett started going by Georgia Tennant privately the day of the wedding though she continues to use the name Moffett for her acting work. David Tennant also adopted Moffett's son Ty (from a previous relationship), and Ty's name was changed by deed poll to Tennant.

In January 2013 Jonathan Ross announced on his TV chat show that Moffett was pregnant again. She was photographed very heavily pregnant in April, and gave birth to her third child, a son named Wilfred, on 2 May 2013. Moffett poked fun at her pregnancy during her appearance in the spoof The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. Tennant has never spoken about their relationship publicly,[2][3][4][5][6] (though Tennant confirmed on 21 March 2012 during a promotional interview for his latest film that he had adopted Moffett's son), and they try to avoid being photographed together, for example by never walking red carpets together, entering and leaving venues such as theatres separately, and rarely attending events together.[7]

In November 2015, Tennant announced on the Jonathan Ross Show that Moffett had recently given birth to a daughter, her fourth child. In July 2016 Tennant revealed the child's name was Doris.

On May 22, 2019, David Tennant announced Georgia's fifth (and unexpected) pregnancy. Later Georgia Tennant joked about how when they told her 17 year old son, Ty, that he gave them a lecture about birth control. On October 3 of that year, Georgia announced the birth of their fifth child, via instagram. In March 2016, it was revealed that the child's name was Birdie.[8]

Since 2020, she has spoken out multiple times about the COVID-19 lockdown and the effect it has had on her family. She has said that it brought the worst in them as parents, and that she sat on the roof of her house, thinking of when it would all be over, and how she would cope until it was.


Moffett began acting as a young teenager, and acted in numerous TV shows, often acting opposite her father. She was a regular on The Bill as Sam Nixon's troubled teen daughter Abi, who was featured in a number of major storylines.

In 2004, she met with Russell T Davies and the producers to ask to be considered for the role of Rose Tyler, but they decided not to allow her to audition, because she was too young. In 2008, she auditioned for the role of Robina Redmond in the episode The Unicorn and the Wasp, but Russell T Davies asked her to wait as he felt she would better suit the role of Jenny.

Since appearing on Doctor Who in 2008, Moffett has acted in the short-lived spinoff Spooks: Code Nine and made four TV guest appearances (in Casualty in 2009 and 2014, playing two different characters; Merlin in 2009; and a cameo in Thorne in 2010). In 2010, she landed the role of Emma in the BBC3 sitcom White Van Man, which was cancelled after two series. Also in 2010 she played a role in a one-act play, Hens, which ran for four performances at a fringe theatre in Hammersmith as part of a fringe festival. In 2012 she landed her first major theatre role, in What the Butler Saw (which her husband David Tennant acted in 17 years earlier), playing the sexy secretary who the main character tries to seduce. The role required her to wear only lingerie throughout many of her scenes, which Moffett described as scary but liberating. Rehearsals started in March and the play started previews in May. However, it was not a critical or commercial success and the play was cancelled due to poor sales in July, a month before it was scheduled to finish.

In late 2012 Moffett's father, Peter Davison, revealed that she had given up acting due to struggling to find work and her desire to focus on raising her young children. However, she has acted sporadically since then. In 2013, she recorded a role in a Doctor Who audio book Dark Eyes and appeared as herself in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot (written and directed by her father, and which she also produced). The same year her close friend actor Christian Brassington announced that he and Moffett were writing a film script together. In November 2014, she guest starred in an episode of Casualty, her third guest appearance on the show (playing a different character in each).

Since 2019, she has been one of the producers of her husband's podcast series David Tennant Does a Podcast With...[9]

In 2020, Georgia was one of the main stars of Staged (in which her husband David starred in), a TV show which showed a bunch of actors rehearsing Six Actors in Search of an Author over Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic. It starred David Tennant, Michael Sheen and Simon Evans as themselves, with supporting roles from Georgia herself, Sheen's girlfriend Anna, and Simon's sister Lucy, who also played themselves. As of 2021, it is the role that Georgia is most well known for.

Other information[]

  • Her son Ty attends high school in Chiswick and also attends his grandmother's drama school on weekends and after school. He made his acting debut age 8 in a TV commercial.
  • She chose boarding school over day school.
  • Her half brothers Louis and Joel James Davison made their acting/public debut at the same time and same sketch as her daughter did, in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.
  • Her son is one year younger than her father's second son.
  • Her eldest son was named Ty Peter Moffett-Martin at birth, but his birth certificate was amended several months after his birth to remove Martin, his biological father's surname. After his mother's marriage and his adoption by his stepfather in 2011, his name was legally changed to Ty Peter Tennant.
  • Her daughter's name is Olive Tennant, and made her [cameo] public debut as John Barrowman's baby daughter in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. It's more of a public debut for Olive since the child had no lines or specific actions for the scene other than to hold a sign. Ty, Olive's real life half brother, made an appearance as a young Doctor Who fan in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. However, it was not his acting debut, as that was made when he was 8 years of age.
  • Her youngest son's name is Wilfred Tennant, and a fictionalised scene of his mother giving birth to him is included in The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.
  • She bought a teacup cockerpoo puppy named Mabel for Christmas in 2013. The dog made its TV debut just two months later in a TV commercial for Sport Relief.
  • Her father, her mother, her husband, technically her son and daughter, and Moffett herself have all acted in Doctor Who. Georgia has since joked about being a "Doctor Who family", including a post on Instagram in November of 2019, with daughter Birdie (whose name was not yet revealed) watching an episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant, captioned with "Indoctrination".
  • Moffett revealed the change of her last name in Five(ish) Doctors Reboot, where her producer credit is listed under the name Georgia Tennant, though her acting role in the same production is listed under the name Georgia Moffett. She continues to be credited as Moffett for acting work.
  • Ty is David Tennant's stepson, but legally his son after an official adoption. However, Moffett's previous boyfriend Adam Paul Harvey raised Ty from infancy and was a father figure to him. He and Ty still have a close relationship and Ty often spends weekends with him. Moffett has described Adam as "[Ty's] father in every way except biologically." Despite this, from the little information accessible to the public, Ty and David Tennant get along well.
  • Despite being an acting family, even with Olive making her public debut as a cameo in her grandfather's short film, Georgia and David Tennant are quite protective and private about their children. Tennant avoids showing her children's faces on her Instagram posts, except for Ty Tennant who is in the public eye anyways with the start of his acting career.
  • Georgia Moffett was born on the 25 of December, 1984, thus to some people of faith she is considered a "Christmas baby".
  • On Instagram, Georgia announced to her followers the acting debut of her two half brothers, saying how happy she was for them.
  • Her cousin George Watkins has recently started working regularly with Big Finish and he played companion Marc in several stories with her father.

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