Commander Georgi Selestru was the Operational Security Commander for the Galactic Union.


The coming threat[]

Georgi Selestru worked as the head of security for the Galactic Union, responsible for most of the covert ops around the Union.

Galactic Union Special Envoy Siy Tarkov made a visit to Saloran Hardew on the planet Velyshaa and soon after transmitted a warning message that the Daleks were on their way to conquer the galaxy. Nobody paid attention to the message.

A year later, the first cases of the NFS plague appeared in the Border Worlds. The Daleks made an offer to help cure the plague, and Selestru's security agency made the connection between the two messages. Selestru asked the Galactic Union Council for permission to investigate. They denied it.

Twenty years later, Siy Tarkov was recovered in his cryogenic suspension capsule... without his ship or the records showing the Daleks' intent. Selestru shipped Tarkov home and revived him, but Tarkov's testimony didn't change the Union Council's position. (AUDIO: The Exterminators)

Selestru sent the demon Galanar to investigate the Daleks without the Council's knowledge. Unfortunately Galanar never reported back. In response, Selestru sent Siy Tarkov and his daughter to the Border Worlds as well. (AUDIO: The Survivors)

Tarkov and Galanar managed to meet up and travel to Velyshaa for another copy of the records, which they transmitted to the Galactic Union. Selestru was elated to have the information at last, but the Galactic Union still would not act on it. (AUDIO: The Future)

The Second Dalek War[]

Over many years the Galactic Union and Dalek-occupied Border Worlds were in a Cold War. Selestru sent almost all of his professional operatives into the Border Worlds, but none came back. Eventually Selestru resorted to amateurs. He sent one such amateur, Sasha Vredenburg, to Station Seven to save it and the nearby colony of Minikis from destruction. (PROSE: Mutually Assured Survival)